My Ton-Ton Massage Experience

My sister is a huge fan of Ton-Ton Massage she frequents the branch in Pasig near Shaw Boulevard.  She often boast about it to me but I never tried until today.    I was suppose to have a haircut but since I forgot my handy-dandy digicam (my Canon IXUS 105) I did not get one because I can’t blog about the before, during and after. Haha!

I had a 2 hour foot and back massage, 1 hour for the foot massage and 1 hour for the back massage that actually is almost a whole body massage to me.  At Php500.00 for entire the foot and back package the price was so affordable !  The massage was awesome!

Foot Massage

The foot massage is something I needed badly after standing up for more than five (5) hours because of the Then and Now Massive Music Festival concert last Saturday night.  They dedicate 30 minutes on each foot and it was sooooo good.  The lotion they use doesn’t have an overpowering smell and its non-greasy and non-sticky kind which is good.  The masseurs were very courteous but is was very dark inside, ergo no photos, because my E71 doesn’t take good photos in the dark, plus I can’t see where I’m pointing my camphone!

Back Massage

My sister told me that the massage they did was Thai Massage, that explains the Thai salutation they did before and after the massage.  I never had Thai Massage before what I usually have in spas I go to is either Shatzu massage or Swedish massage technique.  The massage was more than  a back massage I thinks because every inch of my body was massaged which I think is more than I paid for.

You will be asked to lay on your belly and it started with a massage on the foot.  The masseur will actually step on your foot for 3 minutes , then at the back of your legs, your but, your hips and back.  OMG!  The massage was great, pressure was just right I felt all my stress melt away.  I even drooled twice because the massage was so good, and I’m not even asleep!


This is the area that needs a lot of work at Ton-Ton Massage though.  The place was very simple and for someone who is used at very glamorous spas like me, the place doesn’t look outstanding and nothing to rave about.    There are no rooms so to speak but curtains dividing the areas. Its very dark inside except for the dim tiny lamps  They use very thin mattress for the massage it almost feels like you are laying on the floor.  The pillows are hard and I think they should try to have a face or nose and mouth hole for their massage beds, like in other spas I’ve tried.  Because having to lay flat on the floor with your head turned to the side is not very comfortable.


The massage is something they should be applauded for and I will definitely recommend getting a massage at Ton-Ton Massage anytime of the day.  You will be asked to change to their pajamas immediately and will give you a slipper to wear inside.  I like how the body/back massage doesn’t involve any oils, lotions or powder, that I sometimes resent on the regular spas because they tend to make me feel icky afterwards.  The massage doesn’t involve too many skin-to-skin contact with the masseur as you are wearing the pajamas the entire duration of the massage session.

Personally, I think Ton-Ton massage is a massage parlor for men because men aren’t really too particular on how the venue will look like as long as they get good service.   I never tried them before  because  Ton-Ton Massage  sounds too masculine to me and sounds like a “cheap” massage parlor in the negative sense of the word to me.  But I was wrong, very wrong, I must apologize to them for my wrong impression.

Like I said earlier, I recommend the foot and back massage combo at Ton-Ton Massage where they apply Thai Massage technique.  If you are up for a great massage, is not particular to flashy ambiance, then this is the place to be.

You can find a Ton-Ton massage at Pasig, Shaw Blvd and at V. Luna Street  East Avenue Quezon City, and at Quezon Avenue, Quezon City and there is one in Tagaytay and Congressional Avenue too.

I tried their V.Luna St. East Avenue branch and well they are selling the place for Php1.2 million!  Do you wanna be my business partner? Let’s buy the place! Haha!

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful and fun write up about us. About the ambiance, you are right and we will do our best to improve on that. For any other concerns, you may text us directly at 0922-8783772. Again, thank you and God Bless You! =)

    Tessa Poblete
    general manager

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