Nisce Skin ‘N Face Whitening Peeling Gel Review

When I went at N2 Derm Plus (Nisce Skin ‘N Face sister branch) facial treatment they gave me a couple of products to personally try out.   The Nisce Skin N’ Face Whitening Peeling Gel (Php550.00) was one of them.

Product Info:

It contains natural plant extract to remove the skin residue with micro peeling effect at the same time and is made to leave skin smooth and elastic.  its made for the face, neck, underarms and for stretch marks.  (according to the product cover)

Nisce Whitening Peeling Gel for face, neck, underarms, stretch marks

How to use:

Get a pea size amount on your finger and rub lightly on desired part (underarm, face, neck, stretch marks).  But when I was given this it was only advised for use on my underarm.  Apply the cream right after bath or shower and immediately rinse of after.

Nisce Whitening Peeling Gel

What I think about it:

Dead skin cells will immediately peel off as soon as you rub (gently) the product on your desired skin part, in my case my underarm.    After several use dead skin cells were no longer coming off and my skin appears lighter and evenly toned.

Will I recommend this?

Yes.  Try it out. Although effects will vary from person to person because of our genes.

Have you tried other whitening or peeling products in the market?  How was it?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. i did use a peeling product before which can be bought in Watsons. It is good because unlike the maxipeel, hindi xa matapang at irritating sa skin. Maliliit pa ang peeling nya kya di pansinin. Sa una mainit xa maybe 5 minutes then ok na. Parang orange extract xa and mura pa. I dont remember the name. That was in 2004 and when i went back to buy wala na xa but i saw some products of the same brand. I actually liked it so much. Ill try to check it out when i get back to Phil.

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