Would you call me a comic geek or someone who  can’t resist the hotness of Ryan Reynolds a.k.a. Hal Jordan in that form-hugging green suit (well OK he went topless lots in the movie too! hehe!).

Anyway, I was with the true-blue Green Lantern fans the other day and they were wearing their Green Lantern costumes, it was pretty neat, at the back of my mind I wish I had the guts to be a cosplayer too haha!

with the Green Lanterns

The event was the lighting ceremony of the Glorietta 4 Park  Green Zone  to  celebrate the release of the movie Green Lantern film.  The event was spearheaded by Warner Bros. Pictures, together with Ayala Malls Cinemas.

Green Zone

It was a fun day, except for the uncooperative drizzle that drove us down to the Food Choices floor and instead of going down the park to witness the lighting down there we were looking from above.  We were first set-up at the smoking area at the back of Starbucks Coffee at the Cinema level but the rain got crazy.

parang KL twin towers lang

There were fireworks and lanterns it was pretty cool.
the Green Lantern cosplayersGreen lantern cosplayers

We also were the first to try out the Krispy Kreme Green Lantern Doughnuts made of rich chocolate dough, smothered with Hershey milk chocolate icing, doused with confectioner’s sugar and topped with a dollop of green jelly. YUM!

Green Lantern Doughnuts

And then….

Ryan Reynolds a.k.a. Hal Jordan gave me his Green Lantern ring!
Green Lantern ring and doughnutIMG_0636

I think he thought I was Blake Lively a.k.a. Carrol Ferris, mwahahahaha!
Hal and Carrol Green Lantern

Oh hey, adding to the “greenness” of the event, in case you visit a Krispy Kreme shop and buy a coffee and get this brown coffee cup sleeves, please take it and re-use it.  Krispy Kreme is giving rebates to those who reuse this sleeves.  Re-use , recycle and get rebates gorgeous peeps! Let’s all save the planet like Green Lanterns.
the Krispy Kreme coffee cup sleeves

Are you excited to see this movie or just wanna try out this new donut for Krispy Kreme or just a sight of Ryan Reynolds hotness?

(Opening across the Philippines on June 16 in 3D, 2D and regular format, “Green Lantern” will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. While the Kripy Kreme doughnuts will only be available until July 10, 2011)

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. It would have been nice to try those Krispy Kreme Green Lantern donuts! Now, I’m craving for something sweet.

  2. I was in Ayala last weekend and wondered what was those green lanterns for. Hahaha. I didn’t know it was for the film Green Lantern. Cool idea of launching a movie huh!

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