Filipina Blogger Travelers Harassed In Bali, Indonesia

The last time I travelled out-of-the-country was  to Malaysia en route Singapore then back to Malaysia, was last January 2011, and I was  alone on that trip.

I experience some sort of inconvenience at the immigration from both countries but I thought that was the standard procedure.  I was also aware about the number of Filipino arrested for drug trafficking.  So I was in a cooperative demeanor each time I’m subjected to that kind of delay.  I know I am not a drug trafficker so my conscience is clear.  I know I will clear out all random checks they do to me… unless I get caught in a frame-up (which is another story)

At the immigration of both countries I enter and exit,  I was always asked to go to the immigration holding room so they can verify my passport.  I waited patiently at least not more than 15 minutes.  I’m glad the other travelers from other countries I am with patiently waited for me.   During those longer checking of my passport and being held at the holding room, I  never experienced any frisking or vigorous search of my luggage or was asked to get naked!

Filipina Traveller Harassed In Bali

When I read this blog postMy Traumatic Experience as an Alleged DRUG TRAFFICKER in Bali Indonesia”  I can’t help but feel sad, angry, scared and hurt for these fellow Filipina blogger travelers. One rotten mango doesn’t make all other mangoes rotten.  They don’t deserve to be treated that way.  How could we allow so many foreigners to come to our country freely, welcome them with open arms and treat them like King and Queens when we, Filipino’s/ Filipina’s are treated like a criminal when we travel abroad.

The pain, humiliation and the trauma this Filipina Blogger Traveler experienced is something she does not deserve and other Filipina travelers for that matter, do not deserve the same kind of treatment.

We should do something, calling the attention of our Department of Foreign Affairs, you should do something.  Maybe we should file charges or at least an inquiry/investigation by the United Nations for this kind of harassment and discrimination.

This should not happen again, in Bali, and anywhere else in the world for that matter.

This is a wake-up call.

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  1. As a Filipino and blogger, I feel sad to the traumatic experience of this fellow kababayan. She deserves public apology from the people concerned.

  2. Me and my sister just recently visited Bali last week. We also suffered discrimination from them. We are at the custom area lined up to hand over the paper until this guy saw my passport and asked me where we from and I answered him back that we are from Philippines. He asked us to step aside, checked our passport many times and called one officer and did paraffin test. It was really traumatic since we are a frequent traveler and its our first time to experience that. We argued with them, and they told us that it was just a normal day. Until they got a negative result that was the only time they released us.

  3. Wow! this a good news. I’m glad they took the matter seriously. I hope this won’t happen anymore. Thanks for sharing the update 🙂

  4. OMG! It’s good to hear that the Indonesian Ambassador took this matter seriously and gave a reply. I hope our countrymen will not face the same treatment ever again. Thanks for sharing this update 🙂

  5. hello! thanks for sharing! =)

    ..”Indonesian Ambassador Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo emphasized that the incident DOES NOT REFLECT THE POLICY OF INDONESIA, particularly “racial/ethnic profiling and stereotyping”. He requested that the Department convey to the 2 ladies the assurance that Indonesia is SERIOUSLY FOLLOWING UP THE MATTER with its concerned authorities…”

    scanned letter:

    being a victim is a choice. and lets not choose to stay victims.

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