My Best Accessory: My Total Care Smile (Week 3)

Do you agree that your smile is your best accessory?  I do now although what I experienced in childhood made me believe otherwise.

When I was 5 years old, I was missing my two  front teeth and the other two were black!   At that age, smiling with front teeth missing might be adorable for the adults  around but to kids my age,  it was one of the reasons I got teased a lot.

5 year old me

They would call me bampira (Vampire) or Menggay (a very popular 60’s or 70’s not so pretty comedienne actress contemporary of Chichay and Aruray in the country who’s also missing two front teeth).

Because of that I swore that when my front teeth grows back nicely I will take care of them and make sure to never be teased again because of my “dark” and “empty” smile.

Well, I succeeded.

Now, I can smile (or laugh) kahit labas pa ngalangala (even if the back of my teeth shows) I don’t have to be shy or embarrassed at all!

smile ngalangala

What did I do?



I do the BFR.  Brush, Floss and Rinse. Although I must admit I miss flossing a lot because because I was scared that I’d hurt my gums if I do (hehe!)  But then Listerine gave me a nice floss that’s good for sensitive teeth and gums.  The thread is so thin you can almost feel it.

I also admit at forgetting to brush when I’m in a rush so I would just get my Listerine mouthwash and gargle!

And now with Listerine Total Care Mouthwash I know my teeth are in good hands because it prevents tartar to help keep teeth white giving me more confidence to flash my pearly whites and share with my loved ones my best smiles!

family smiles

Smiles shared with my mom, sis, and daughter!

smiling with my love
Smiles shared with my love!

smiling with my daughter
Smiles shared with my daughter! This photo was taken last Saturday my 3rd week with the Listerine Total Care challenge.

With that said, I’m also announcing the Total Care Pledgers who won a Listerine gift packs each:


Lorenzo Ocampo and @mohie1325
Please private message me for your full name and contact details. Thank you for sharing your total care pledges!

How about you with whom do you share your best smiles?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Here’s my Week 1 & Week 2 experience:



  1. thanks for sharing! i had a similar story with twisted teeth… but that was not the problem… children found other reasons to laugh at me…
    i share my smiles with all my friends!!!!family and dogs!

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