I’m Going Pro with the Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

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I’m Going Pro with the Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

I just got my second set of makeup brush  and its a Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set (version 3?) I’m so excited to give it a proper review by enrolling at a formal makeup class so I’d know what are all those 14 pieces of makeup brushes are called and how to use them and to seal the deal of me going makeup pro. Haha!

What a super cute packaging, I love pink stuff!
Love the sleek faux leather pouch to carry around your Charm makeup brushes everywhere!

Tada! 14 pieces of makeup brushes I didn’t even know existed in my entire life until I started blogging about beauty stuff!

The makeup brushes up close!

I wonder what’s that angled tiny brush thingy do?

Aren’t they a beauty? Can’t wait to road test it soon. Now which makeup school should I enroll at Quezon City area only please! Any recommendations? Thanks in advanced.

I got the Charm Travel Pro 14pcs Makeup Brush Set from Sophie Uy of Beauty and Minerals (click click to order!)

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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5 thoughts on “I’m Going Pro with the Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

  1. even I will get confused, that’s a lot of makeup brushes all I have is a blush brush and a lip brush and those that are free from eye shadow makeup I bought … good luck with all of them!

  2. Have you found a makeup class already? If yes let me know please! I’m also interested in learning that. And I’m planning to buy a set of brushes by next pay period. 🙂

  3. I really love the color of this brush set! If only I don’t have enough makeup brushes for now, I would get one! I have read great reviews about these brushes 🙂 About makeup school, there’s one near ABS CBN called Makeup Design Academy. Downside lang is you have to provide your own model. Good luck on finding the right makeup school for you Miss Earth! 🙂

  4. absolutely cute…. :)i guess it’s really worth!
    Ms. Earth just teach me how to apply make up kapag naka pag- enroll ka na hehehe…. ;,)
    Angled Blush Brush – used for contouring your cheeks with a darker shade of blush.

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