Loving The Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

If you have tried yoga before and own a yoga mat, you will know how comfortable the yoga mat material is, that is why it is the preferred and recommended item not just for yoga but for all your exercising needs. When I heard that Sanuk came out with sandals made of Yoga Mat I was excited to see and immediately own one for myself because I am for comfort more than anything else. Comfort ranks higher than fashion for me. But well with these Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals you will still rate high on the fashion radar!

Sanuk Yoga Mat Wedge sandals
Boasting of a functional yoga mat foot bed, Sanuk’s yoga mat sandals are truly a joy to wear no matter where you’re headed especially this summer season. Take it to the mall, the beach, even for a quick coffee run, Sanuk’s Yoga Mat sandals seamlessly combine comfort with its “season-less” style. Complemented by classic styles and colors, these yoga mat sandals can outlast fleeting fashion trends and make for a practical choice for no-nonsense individuals who want more bang for their buck.

Pair it with shorts, pants, a dress, even with rompers, Sanuk’s Yoga Mat sandals make dressing up especially during hot days, a breeze. High quality and in style, these classic sandals are definite must-haves for any practical fashionista’s wardrobe not just during the summer season but for all 365 days of the year.

Sanuk Yoga Mat wedge Sandals
Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals Pricelist:
Yogamat XYZ: Php1,990.00
Yoga Paradise: Php1,290.00
Yogamat Wedge: Php1,990.00
Yoga Twist: Php1,290.00

But aside from the Yoga Mat Sandals, there are new items at Sanuk that I can’t resists, like the Sidewalk Surfer canvass sandals that comes in different designs (Php2,290.00) and the Kids Sandals Ibiza Luau Php990.00.

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer CanvassSanuk Ibiza Luau Kids
Sanuk Sandals

Sanuk Sandals
Make sure to check out Sanuk’s new styles of Yoga Mat sandals and new style canvass at a branch near you.

Stay gorgeous and give your feet some love everyone!

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