My Dinning Experience @ Yabu House Of Katsu

Last week, my bestfriend Rachel and daughter Tasha went to Yabu House of Katsu to spend some bonding time together and yes, sample the much talked about Katsudon in town.

Yabu House of Katsu Mega Atrium

We were really not that hungry as it was just a couple of hours before we had lunch. My main goal was to sample their bestseller. Little did I know, I shoulda brought a big appetite and an empty stomach! Why? The serving is huge, for someone as tiny as me a set of the Original Hire Katsudon Set is good for two person. Plus the fact that they serve unlimited rice and cabbage, I was sooo full even before I finished my meal that I had to take out half of what we ordered!

Being a first-timer at Yabu, the waiter had to show us the Yabu Tradition which is preparing the special sauce which is grinding the sesame seed and pouring the sauce! Fun!

doing the Yabu Ritual The Yabu Tradition

Here is what I had at Yabu House of Katsu:

Hire Katsudon Set @ Yabu

Hire Special Katsudon Set. Hire is fatless pork katsu (cutlet) and donburi (rice bowl dish). The original Katsudon is delicious cutlets dipped in egg and dredged in fresh panko served over a bowl of Japanese rice all covered with special sauce and eggs.

My bestfied had the Hire Tonkatsu Set

Hare Katsu @Yabu Both meal sets are served with unlimited cabbage, miso soup and fruits
Bestfriend Rachel loved Yabu! Yabu Cabbage
Rachel is enjoying the cabbage. I don’t think she will be.looking.for door *knobs any time sooner !

Yabu Chicken Katsu Kids meal

Daughter had the Chicken Katsu. Chicken, potato croquette, edamame, Japanese rice, cabbage, and bowl of.fruit served with curry or honey mustard sauce. I think the kids set meal is good enough for the tiny me!
Yabu Tofu and Peas

We also had some appetizers.I love the Hiyayako Tofu! Tofu was not soggy or gummy but taste just right. Its cold silken tofu cubes in ponzu sauce, sprinkled with. bonito flakes.
Salmon Katsudon ala carte

I love salmon, so we also ordered one Salmon Katsudon ala carte. Yumz!

Like what I mentioned earlier better bring a big appetite because the serving is hugeso I suggest that bring an empty stomach if you decide to dine in at Yabu! My bestfriend and I enjoyed every bite. Yabu’s Katsudon is huge compared with other restaurants serving Tonkatsu i’ve tried. Their Katsu is crunchy on the outside but juicy on the inside. What made their’s much better than the rest is the special sauce that is prepared with a personal touch.

I love the ambiance and interiors at Yabu House of Katsudon, very Japanese and minimalist except for the very entertaining unisex restroom where they display testimonials of their satisfied customers! I also love the black and white cartoon wall frames.

Yabu diningYabu Megamallthe Yabu famous testimonial CR wall
For this batch of testimony, I see lots of bloggers I know! Cute!

Yabu House of Katsu is located at SM Mega Atrium 2nd level.

yabu date with bff and daughter

I will definitely come back and have more of the Salmon Katsudon! I Yabu!

How about you, have you tried Yabu yet?

Yabu The House of KatsuYabu house of katsu

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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