Celebrate Real Beauty & Be The Next Dove Girl

I am beautiful because I am happy and loved!

I'm a Dove Girl and I Love it!
Honestly, it took me a lot of time and courage to be able to answer that piece of paper that we need to answer. I am beautiful because ______. Hmmmm… what should I say, I thought.

I did not want to sound too assuming and conceited. In my head I believe it was not for me to say I am beautiful but someone else. If I had a pen right there and then I would have written down… I am beautiful because you think I am. If I was asked to further elaborate my answer, I would have said I really don’t think I am beautiful, I’m too dark, I’m too petite, I’m so skinny with a bloated stretch-marked belly

Surprisingly, I wasn’t just the only one who feels unpretty. According to a research held by Dove in 2012, out of 6,400 women aged 18-64 years old, only 4% of them feel beautiful. A whooping 96% think they are not beautiful!

During the event, Dove showed us a video interview of women from U.S. and U.K where two women were asked what do they think is beautiful in themselves and what is beautiful in their companion. Most of the women were very much hesitant to say something they think is beautiful in themselves while they were quick to say what they find beautiful in others.

I think one of the reasons people don’t say they are beautiful right away is because the don’t want to be misinterpreted as being conceited or arrogant. There are only a few of us who can readily admit they are beautiful and these women I believe were raised in a very good environment and have an amazing self-confidence.

But Dove knows women and they know how to make our real beauty shine through. Before the event started we were all asked to wash our face with Dove Bar and if wearing makeup use the Dove Foam Cleanser to do so. After that we were given an enhancement makeover where our real beauty shines through. The makeup they did for us was ver light and natural. Everyone, including I felt beautiful at the event and it shows! See event photos below:

Mishel and me with Terrence our makeup artist!
After the makeover we were taken for a photoshoot!
IMAG2608 (1)

It was a super fun night for everyone, positive vibes were overflowing!
IMAG2608 (1)

Happy and confident in our skin. We can easily say this night that we are all beautiful!

This is what Dove wants to change in the way women think, Dove wants to make everyone see the beauty in them through their Real Beauty Campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness among women that to be confident in their own skin. That being beautiful is not just about having supermodel features. Being beautiful is as simple as having clear, soft, smooth, glowing skin.


That being said, Dove, invites everyone to be proud of their own skin and who knows they could Be The Next Dove Girl with a billboard in EDSA!


Women aged 18 years old and above are encouraged to use dove for 7 days and after 7 days upload a photo of them (preferably close-up shot and with white background) to the Be The Next Dove Girl app on Facebook which can be found at the Dove Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Dove).

All those who will upload their photos will be able to see it at a LED billboard in EDSA both that will be seen by those who are going north or south!

Ten from those who joined will be selected to be included in a photoshoot with Sara Black, a renowned fashion photographer who has been with Dove team for the second time as she peeps through the lens to capture Dove’s real beauties in awe-inspiring photographs. Black recently published her book “When I look in the Mirror” which featured a diverse group of women in ‘un-retouched’ photos to celebrate every woman’s unique and individual beauty. For the latest Dove campaign, Black will interpret 10 inspiring stories of real women and how their inner beauty and strength were able to break social barriers. Working alongside Black are some of the country’s top female photographers, among them Joan Bitangcol, Isa Lorenzo and Pilar Tuason. The pictures will be used in the new Dove billboard and also in a grand exhibit slated later this year.

Dove Facebook App

Dove’s latest campaign is definitely more than skin deep. Beyond the search for women with exceptionally beautiful and glowing skin is a celebration of a woman’s new-found confidence that stems from taking good care of one’s self. Through the Reveal your Glowing Skin campaign, the world’s trusted beauty bar hopes to encourage more Filipinas to let themselves be seen and heard, and serve as role models to their peers.

We are all beautiful, so don’t hesitate, upload your photos now at Dove Be The Next Dove Girl page NOW!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Real Beauty & Be The Next Dove Girl

  1. What a lovely event, bringing out the true beauty in women. If I were asked the same question, I will answer it with: “I am beautiful because my son says so.”

  2. indeed look a fun this one! mmhh.. i am beautiful because I’m happy and contented and happy with all the blessings i have now which i will treasure forever! haha!

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