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Making Fitness Videos: 4 Do’s and Don’ts you Need to Know

The thing about creating YouTube videos is that it helps you stay in shape while also encouraging others. And this is the primary reason why so many fitness enthusiasts are uploading hundreds of thousands of videos on a daily basis. So if you want to cut through the noise, here’s a helpful guide – Making fitness videos: 4 do’s and don’ts.

Squeezing in a highly-effective, quick workout is important when you have a busy lifestyle. Also, not everybody can afford an expensive gym membership. Working out should feel like an effortless task. Otherwise, we tend to make lame excuses to get out of it.

So at such times, the thing that helps the most is a great YouTube fitness channel. Plus, when you create your very own channel on social media, you’re encouraging yourself as well as others to exercise daily.

As a matter of fact, even you need a push to burn that fat, sculpt those muscles, and increase energy. And the best way to do so is by posting videos. It gives you a reason to indulge in physical training on a regular basis. And even others receive their fair share of motivation!

Making Fitness Videos: 4 Do’s and Don’ts

What to do:

#1 Make a compelling intro video


First and foremost, it’s important that you get the best camera for YouTube. Without one, the quality of your content will get compromised.

Now let’s talk about intro videos. These provide a basic understanding of what your YouTube channel is all about. In the video, you introduce yourself and set goals that others can relate to. But please make sure that the intro video is not lengthy. Anything more than a minute is boring to watch.

On the other hand, a short, interesting video gives your viewers a reason to visit or subscribe to your channel.

#2 Share your video and channel links

Filming a workout video and expecting to gain views is not enough. After you create your channel and upload content, you have to make it a point to share. Feel free to add your video and channel links to the social media platforms you’re on. This is an excellent idea to get people to notice you.

Every time you upload new videos, announce it along with providing the links on social media. Failing to share the information with your followers defeats the whole purpose of creating the video in the first place.

#3 Connect with sponsors

Teaming up with sponsors means expanding your digital reach. You also get the opportunity to work with high-quality fitness equipment. More often than not, sponsors depend on such collaborations to achieve publicity and recognition. So they go all out when it comes to providing necessary equipment for your videos.

But you should know that sponsors don’t come to you, in most cases. You have to reach out to them. So aim for ones that are located in your area. And if everything works out for the best, don’t forget those shout outs at the end of the video.

#4 Publish professional, high-quality videos

You need to know how to shoot a workout video to be able to create high-quality content. Nobody likes to watch poor-grade videos on YouTube, not even you! There are tons of these types of videos with low sound or blurry footage. So here are a few tips to avoid such a tragedy:

  • For better sound, you can buy one of those noise-canceling microphones. Also, there are many professional editing programs that eliminate background noise to offer clearer audio quality.
  • For better video, get a decent camera. A model that lets you shoot in HD is something you should be aiming for.

And if you can’t afford to purchase a brand new, top quality camera, here’s another solution. It comes in the form of good lighting.

[YouTube video:]

Making Fitness Videos: 4 Do’s and Don’ts

What not to do:

#1 Avoid using copyrighted music


We like to add music to certain types of videos, don’t we? In that context, please make sure that the music you choose doesn’t have a copyright tag. And if possible, buy the rights if you want to use it.

Failing to do so often leads to the channel getting banned or disabling of the video. And sometimes, it even results in the copyright holders taking a legal action against you.

For video music, you can select something from YouTube’s catalog. In there, everything is pre-approved. This way you’re in the clear when it comes to copyright claims.

#2 Don’t publish too many videos

The goal is to provide quality content, not quantity. Posting a YouTube video once or twice a week is more than enough. On the other hand, on Facebook or Instagram, you can increase the frequency to one or two videos a day.

Please don’t make the mistake of publishing content all at once. Such a move usually backfires. The goal is to spread out the fitness videos so your viewers have something to look forward to on your channel.

#3 Stay away from overcrowding the background


When you have too much going on in the background, the focus of the video gets distorted. When creating a workout video, keep the background clean and simple. I’m sure you’ve heard about how less is more these days!

#4 Eliminate the use of digital graphics

When you employ too many digital graphics, you tend to overcomplicate the footage. Instead, learn how to use the camera in a better, more professional manner.

And if you’re willing to spend big bucks, feel free to hire an expert editor to add the right kind of graphics.


#5 Videos on a Daily Basis

You need reliable gear to be able to make videos however. *MusicCritic cameras for recording* are perfect to help get you started. A quick purchase and you will be able to start developing your channel within days.


So here’s your ultimate guide to “Making Fitness Videos: 4 Do’s and Don’ts.”

If you have a good camera, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start creating workout videos right away! Just remember that practice is essential. With time, you will be able to master the art of making fitness videos while also training like a pro.

Do you have any ideas or tips that helped you get started? The comments section is right below, so feel free to fill it up with your feedback.

I hope you found what you were looking for in the article. I tried to keep the content short yet elaborate. So if you like it, please don’t forget to share.

Have a great day!

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