A Scene In Your Love Life You Want To Play Differently

My blog is and always will be my happy place in the world. I find peace whenever I write about the things I love. Blogging keeps me sane. From time to time I like reading other blogs and find inspiration in writing my own piece. Just like Jorgendipity, a blog I frequent lately because her blog remind me of how my blog used to be, something very personal.

In her recent entry she talks about an encounter with her crush she wants to play differently had she not been that insecure kind of girl that she was.  I understand where she’s coming from.  After a couple of failed relationships I have this present belief that men are better off as friends than lovers. They are the best friend you can ever have as long as you will never go beyond the friend zone when everything else becomes complicated because we girls have this insecurity that creeps in no matter how we try to shake it off.


I completely understand Christine who probably has never been into an intimate relationship with any guy when she started crushing on Jorgen. If I was her age and was in her shoes I’d probably be that shy and insecure girl to even make a first move and take a chance to get to know my crush. Hell, until now I don’t know how to flirt on my own in a room full of potentials! Hah! Because like her I have and until now is that insecure kinda girl. Like I think most of us I am my worst critic.

But then my insecurity ends with men. In everything else, I am a dare devil. I believe we should try things at least once so we will never have that regret of never having done so while we had the chance. Just like Christine who sadly is still reeking over her past encounter with Jorgen in her college days.

If I was Christine’s friend I’d immediately tell her to stop with her crazy daydreams of a love life that did not happen with Jorgen. I’d tell her she’s a nutcase and she should go find someone who is real. I’ve lived in a fantasy world with my past long distance relationship for years and when we finally met the scenes we created in our very own dream land online did not happened.  So yeah I was crushed. I was devastated but then again at least we were able to fulfill one of those dreams, we met once in this lifetime and we knew how to be together for real, that I think was my Jorgencounter no more or less.

Like her I can play the scenes in my love life over-and-over-again hoping to have a different ending or have a happy present and beyond. But that can never be. The past will always be the past and there’s nothing more we can do but put it behind.  With the way Christine writes in her blog Jorgendipity, it looks like she is still hoping for another Jorgencounter. Well, I hope she gets it so she can start living a real love life not this kinda limbo!

How about you, is there any scene in your love life you want to play differently?  If you were Christie would you tell her to stop fantasizing about Jorgen or have her do a stalker mode so she can move forward?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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