Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Review

Concealers, I believe is one of the best makeup invention ever. They help hide imperfections and make the wearer look flawless. However, there are some concealers that settles on wrinkles and fine lines and some cake after a couple minutes of use or when topped with a loose powder which makes you look not so flawless anymore. Well, here’s one concealer product I just discovered recently that will make you forget other concealers — Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up!

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up
Product Info
Fake Up is a hydrating concealer that promises to banish dark under-eye circles and face blemishes.

The secret behind fake up
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How to use Fake Up:
Just swipe or draw on the areas that needs to be hidden and dab to blend! Just like the image below:

Benefit Fake Up review
On My Face

Benefit Fake Up review
Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up review
I also tried it on my sister too!

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up review
What I think of it:

  • I love that it comes in a handy stick form that is so easy to use and handy I can bring it anywhere I go!
  • I love that it has built in moisturizer that makes applying the concealer easier.
  • I love that the concealer doesn’t settle on fine lines and wrinkles because of it’s hydrating/moisturizing component.
  • I love that you can put it on top of your makeup if you already have makeup on and it won’t cake!
  • I also love the fact that it comes in three shades! 3 for fair skinned, 2 for medium to morena and 1 for those with darkskintone or tanned.
  • I super love that it definitely hides all blemishes and dark under-eye circles.

Do I recommend Benefit’s Fake Up?
Absolutely! Since I got this from the Fake Up launch at Cafe 1771 I always carry it with me wherever I go and I even let my friends try it out as well to see how different it is from other concealers out there. Nobody’s perfect but we can fake it with Fake Up!

How about you, have you tried this product yet? If not what is your favorite concealer?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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