Makeup Tricks: How To Conceal Dark Spots with Makeup

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Makeup Tricks: How To Conceal Dark Spots with Makeup

I have this annoying, ugly, stubborn dark spot at the left side of my cheeks that I’ve been hiding for so long with makeup.  I had this spot removed via laser before but surprisingly it came back same spot same size. Grrrrr.  I spent a lot with that treatment and it was kinda painful too, I am still thinking if I wanna go through with it again only to know it will be back again after a few years.  Sigh.  With this in mind, my only resort for now is temporary way of hiding it with makeup.

I’ve tried a lot of techniques and product but so far this is my most favorite and most effective as it last up to the entire duration when I’m out on events.  It doesn’t wear off as fast as some techniques and products I’ve tried to hide my dark spots where after a few hours my dark spots is visible again and I look haggard when it’s exposed.

On the left is my naked face. Ampanget! On the right is my made up face. Galing noh? Invisible na si dark spot!

How I did it?

Here’s what you need:


L-R:  Foundation brush, Foundation, Concealer, Concealer Brush, Face Powder and Powder/Contour Brush
For this makeup trick: concealing dark spots with makeup.  I used the following:.

Makeup: Collection Cosmetics Colour Match Foundation (Natural (4)),  Benefits Fake Up (Medium (02)), Revlon Photoready Powder (Medium/Deep (030))  
Brushes: Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Charm Makeup Brushes



How to do it:

Step 1:  Apply foundation. Blend
Step 2: Put concealer on problem areas. Blend
Step 3: Dab powder all over the face. Blend

It’s just that simple! I suggest you watch the video to see the way it was done, how to apply the foundation, the concealer and the powder.

Here is a 3 minute video on how I did it.  I suggest you watch as the techniques on applying is shown:

How about you, how do you hide your dark spots if any? Care to share your secrets?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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