What I Wore That Day: Like Springtime Flowers (WIWTD #5)

After that whole week of rain in the city, I was so longing for sun and summer skies.  There was sun that day but it was a bit cloudy with a chance of rain.   I hate getting wet in the rain but I have to attend this very important meeting that will allow me to stay at home and relax for the next six months if I seal the deal.   So I decided to wear a print-on-print ensemble to invite a beautiful springtime where flowers bloom and all the little creatures that are hibernating comes out to play.

WIWTD:Like the Flowers in Springtime
I decided to wear a quarter sleeve in black so as to appear a bit corporate-ish. One thing I learned through the years especially on business meeting you should wear a powerful color to invite respect, reliability and trustworthiness. Black is that color in the corporate world.

WIWTD: Like the Flowers in Springtime
However, I still want to show my “style” and fashionista side by wearing a sheer black top with flowers and butterfly prints.

To add more fun in my style and so as not to appear too formal, I wore an acid wash with tiny floral prints skinny jeggings.

WIWTD:Like the Flowers in Springtime
I also need something to keep the pants in place and to updated with time

WIWTD:Like The Flowers In Springtime
To match my watch I wore a shoe with the same color scheme . Comfy with height what else can do the trick but a wedge closed shoes.

Print-on-print, double trouble?
WIWTD: Like the Flowers in Springtime

What I wore:
Black sheer floral printed top: ROMWE
Acid Wash Floral Printed Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Wedge Shoes: Zalora
Watch: Superdry

That’s all folks!

WIWTD:Like the Flowers in Springtime

OOTD Shot taken by myself using self-timer and my latest blogging partner Samsung Galaxy Camer Happy! 🙂 Haha

WIWTD: Like Tge Flowers In Springtime
Garden Garden din pag may time!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. wow, ang sosyal mag-gardening, hihihi…. love your shoes! 🙂

  2. I love your prints! and I salute you gardening 🙂

  3. ang cute ng print, floral on floral on floral! cause at the end nag garden garden ka pa 😛 hihi!

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