Dentiste’ and the #MysteryBoxinBGC

If you are following my social media accounts or have passed by the Bonifacio Global City High Street Park this Friday, you have all seen that big #MysteryBoxinBGC and the Dentiste logo. I am sure you asked, what is Dentiste and what’s inside that mystery box.

#MysteryBoxinBGC, #Dentiste
There’s nothing inside the box unless you, a friend, or someone you know get’s in and have a show and tell of their love and affection for each other!

First Shadow Kissing Booth in the Philippines
Yes, the Mystery Box in BGC is a kissing booth but a kissing booth like no other, because it is the first and only Shadow Kissing Booth in the Philippines!

#MysteryBoxinBGC Shadow Kissing Booth
The kissing booth is open every sunset until 9pm of this Valentines weekend only!

You can kiss your wife, girlfriend, or anyone who is willing to get inside the booth with you. Or you can show your affection for your child like Ava and Athan Teh mother and son tandem during the unveiling of the Mystery Box.

Mystery Box in BGC Unveiling
Now you ask what is Dentiste?

Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste
While this brand has been known worldwide for years now, it is not that known here in the Philippines. Dentiste is a nighttime toothpaste that allows you to enjoy a no “morning breathe” or no bad breathe in the morning when you wake!

I am sure you know that feeling, as soon as you wake you can’t barely talk to anyone unless you brush your teeth or cover your mouth when you need to talk to someone face to face as soon as you wake up.

Morning breathe is caused by germs and bacteria lingering in your mouth as you go to sleep at night and no amount of toothpaste can rid you of this but only Dentiste.

I have tried it once tonight and when I woke up this morning I feel my mouth less dirtier and my breathe not that bad than the normal!

Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste review
Dentiste is available at your favorite drug store in the country.

Post the photos you took at the #MysteryBoxinBGC using the hashtags #DentisteKiss and #MysteryboxinBGC and tag @Dentisteph and get to win exciting prizes.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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