A Pledge to Lose 1 Million Pounds in 6 Months #FitFilChallengeAccepted

How many pounds so you think you can you lose in 6 months ?

Better question, how many pounds do you need to lose in 6 mos?

#FitFilChallengeAccepted Personally I can be modest and say I can try to lose a pound every month so as not to put too much pressure on myself and change in my lifestyle. Plus I also wanted to donate at least 10 pounds off my weight for the FitFilipino National Weight Loss Challenge. Challenging every Filipino to commit to healthier lifestyle by encouraging everyone to take ownership of their health and getting fit #GetReadytoLive

The FitFilipino or FitFil movement has been running for 3 years now, founded by Fitness coach Jim and Toni Saret. This year FitFil partnered with FWD Life Philippines to host Live to Move Fitness party all over the country.


Last June 24,2017 the Live to Move Fitness party held at the SM moa by the Bay launched the start of this year she campaign with FWD Life Philippines. Coach Jim and Toni Sweet lead the workout program starting with a four minute metabolic Fitness (metafit) routine, the FWD motion.


#GetReadytoLive FWD’s Live to Move Fitness party is filled with fun various activities such as zumva, hip-hop, TRX, kickboxing, and cardio among others.

FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge is supported by the country’s premiere medical organizations led by philippine Medical Association (PMA), Philippine Hert Association (PHA), Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines (NDAP), and Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), the Philippine National Police (PNP) Department of Science and Technology (DoST), various universities, local government units (LGUs) , Fitness clubs, no numerous corporations have likewise pledged their support for the challenge.

Those who like to take part in the FitFil National Weigh Loss Challenge #FitFilChallengeAccepted and donate weight loss pledges are invited to log on to the campaign’s official website www.fitfil.ph.

(IMHO it would also be great that aside from getting healthier, donating collectively 1 million pounds for the weight-loss challenge there is some sort of an NGO or charity that will benefit from all this).

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