Women Talk: Wink Organic Feminine Pads Review

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Women Talk: Wink Organic Feminine Pads Review

One of the most annoying thing about being a woman is having the mentrual cycle every month. While there are so many menstrual pads, cups and tampons readily available in the market today, it does not eliminate one of the most irritating thing about having it, the odor.

While tampons and menstrual cups make for no pads line, I still cringe about using it, I haven’t tried one ever (haha). And while a lot of napkins claim they can be odor free and leak free, it is never stench free. Plus it was found that feminine napkins have chemicals that can be harmful for us women. Then I discovered this, Wink Organic Feminine Pads!

Wink Organic Feminine Pads
Product Information
Wink Organic Feminine Pads are made from organic bamboo (with activated carbon), that’s soft, highly absorbent and naturally resistant to odors and bacteria. Our pads are generously sized & can take you through the day, even on heavy days 12 inches x 7 inches. It is easy to wash and quick to dry, WINK is a cinch to launder as it’s made of light materials and is stain-resistant. Experience a gentler, eco-friendly and economical period with WINK! Snap-0 button that keeps the pad in place.

Product shots


Wink Organic Feminine Pads
Wink Organic Feminine Pads
Directions for usage:

  • Wash WINK organic pads prior to use. Snap pad around the center of your underwear with the gray bamboo cloth side facing up.
  • Change pads as needed. After use, gather the four sides of the pad unto the center and fasten the button. Put used pad in this plastic pouch and seal until you are ready to wash it.
  • Handwash with a mild soap or detergent. Put under running water to remove liquid and scrub with soap. It only takes 2-5 minutes to clean each pad.No fabric softener. No bleaching. Hang dry under the sun to disinfect.

Wink Organic Feminine Pads
What I think of it:

  • While it does not make you forget you are wearing it because it feels more bulky than the normal feminine pads, the Wink Organic Feminine Pads are very absorbent and it doesn’t make you feel the wetness.
  • What I like best is that it minimizes the odor. You know the smell of iron and yeah foul smell, you actually don’t smell the odor it when wearing this organic pads.
  • I like that it snaps into place. At first I though that you’ll feel the snap buttons when you are wearing it but nope you don’t.
  • Very easy to wash and quick to dry indeed!
  • While you can use it when you are out, because it is super absorbent and odor free, I suggest using it at home instead, or if you plan to use it when you’re out better use period undies to keep the pads line invisible.

Wink Organic Feminine Pads review
Do I recommend it?
Absolutely !  The Wink Feminine Pads are at Php288.00 on their site, I am not sure if it is per piece or for an entire 3 piece pack that comes with a plastic snap on travel pack that you can bring along with you when you travel.  The product is made by BIBLIORGANICS who also made the Proteq Organic Toothpaste  that I reviewed previously.

How about you, have you tried any other organic feminine pads before? How was your experience?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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