Humer Nasal Spray review
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Buy or Bye: Humer Nasal Spray Review

When I was younger,  I suffered from a mild allergic rhinitis that occurs every morning.   I would wakeup sneezing and my eyes gets really itchy all the way down my throat.   I wouls take allergy pills or just take a shower and sneezingsand itchiness will go away until the next day.   It was cycle I got used to  until when we moved iut from our old home to the condo the symptom disappeared.

I never got diagnosed by the way.  I self medicated.   Not a good way to go but I survived .  Thanks goodness.

But for those of you who don’t know, allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is a type of nasal passage inflammation triggered by an excessive amount of irritants in the air. In layman’s terms, it’s when things like smoke, dust, and pollen irritate the nose, causing a number of symptoms like a runny or stuffy nose, watery or itchy eyes, and eventually, a sore or scratchy throat. Certain weather conditions like prolonged dry winds or rains definitely make matters worse. 

I was sent a set of Humer Nasal Spray for Adults and Infant/Children to review. I have no idea how to use it since I haven’t tried one before ever until now.

Humer Nasal Spray review

What I think of it?

Reading the packaging it said to pump three sprays on to the nasal passages or inside your nose.  Three sprays each hole.

I am not sure how it suppose to go but I feel one spray is enough to get in your nasal passages. I am also unsure if it suppose to drip down your nose so you should keep a tissue handy before you spray.

I don’t actually need a Humer Nasal Spray for Blocked Nose for colds, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis coz I don’t have it at the moment.   But they have the Humer Nasal Hygiene that is perfect for daily nasal hygiene. It’s perfect for the kind of pollution we encounter everyday especially when we commute. It’s like washing our nasal passages clean.

Inspite of not having any symptoms I tried the one for daily hygiene.  I wasn’t afraid of chemicals or anything because it’s 100% Undiluted Sea Water rich in Marine trace elements. So it’s like spraying sea water inside your nose. All natural!  It comes in two sizes 50 and 150

Humer Nasal Spray review

Humer is available in Mercury Drug and Watson’s outlets in Metro Manila. For more information visit or like Humer Ph on Facebook.


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