When it Feels Good to Give it Changes Everything

The #FreeWaters #FeelsGood to be part of 1000 campaign  launch tops my list for the best product launch ever , this is a game changer #changeeverything.


March 1 3AM we met at our pickup point on our way to Baler, Aurora province.  With us being reminded before our trip to bring our outfit for Yoga, Trekking and Surfing, it sounded such an awesome trip already, little did we know we are off to much better surprise.

The bus we rented got a little bit lost so we were two hours delay of our schedule, we arrived at Costa Pacifica in Baler about almost 11 am and we had our late beakfast early lunch.  While doing so, we were told that we will no longer be able to do all three adventures planned for us, so we have to choose among doing Yoga, Trek or Surf.

Because the waves were too intense that day, I picked Trekking.  Ana Gonzalez, Aisa Ipac and Paul Chuapoco was the other bloggers with me at this trip, we all choose trekking because were clingy like that haha!

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything

Before heading for our chosen adventure, we were handed out our welcome kit which comes with our very own #Freewaters #FeelsGood footwear, a freewaters shirt and rashguard.  We all got the Tallboy pieces.

We went to our assigned rooms, Ana was my roomie and then by 2PM we had our lunch and straight to our chosen adventure.

I’ve been to Dimatubo Mother Falls in Baler before, but the trail was not that hard as it was this time (you may read about that first time in Baler here).   Because of typhoon Lando the trail became more difficult, there were too many bolders, drift wood and debris, even the concerte braces supporting the water pipes almost gave up and a few more bad weather and landslide, it could be badly damaged. The easier trek I tried before was already covered by rocks , wood and soil.  You could see how Baler was badly hit by typhoon Lando.

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything
Getting to the falls was still a wonderful feeling, you can’t see such magnificent view anywere in Manila.  What I noticed though was the part at the falls where visitors could usually swim was already covered with rocks from the recent landslide.  It was still good though because the falls was still intact.  I am afraid a few more deadly typhoon like Lando could make going to Dimatubo Mother Falls impossible, I hope this will be the last bad typhoon there, everyone should see this falls once.

#Freewaters #FeelsGood to #Changeeverything Launch

The trek was tiring and very challenging, but despite wearing  butterfly strap slippers, we encountered no accidents.  Freewaters Mariposa was very durable, reliable , slip-free, water friendly and very comfortable and light.  It was so easy to trek with it!  We got back at Costa Pacifica Baler by 6PM .

Watch us conquer this Dimatubo Mother Falls trail here:

Come nightfall, a  program was held to officially introduce Freewaters, the brands philosophy as a coastal lifestyle footwear (designed for coastal living, boardsports, outdoor and travel)and likewise to reveal the inspiration behind the event — which is to contirbute positive change through its advocacy.

#Freewaters #FeelsGood aims to provide clean drinking water all over the globe. They also briefed us about what will we expect the next day for our adventure to Casiguran Aurora where we will give away water filters to those who are badly affected by typhoon Lando. The community we choose was selected through the help of the Mayor of Casiguran Mayor Ricky and the Great Adventure people who did the research for Freewater

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything


We woke at 4am so can reach Dipontian Aurora before lunchtime.   It will take about 5-6  hour drive from Baler and then another 1 hour or so boatride to reach.  It is a very farflung Agta Community in the province of Aurora, it will be my first time going there .  We even have Coastguard and Police security with us during our trip (the area is notorious for NPA’s so don’t go there without an escort).

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything
After the gruesome travel time, we reached our first destination the Dipontian School in Casiguran where the Agta Tribe schoolkids welcomed us with a smile (despite being behind for an hour).

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything

Casiguran is a coastal community where Agta tribe lives that was devastated severly by Typhoon Lando, Freewaters  aims to provide this community water filters so they can have easy access to fresh clean water.  This is part of the brands #FeelGood to be part of 1000 campaign — an in-store campaign where 1% of the sale top selling product goes to this initiative of giving back to the community.

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything
After the Dipontian School, we went to another destination, the Dalugan beach located at the northern part of Aurora Province where we had our lunch and turned-over another batch of water filters to the leaders of the Agta community living in the area.   We were told there is about 360,000 plus people living in the Casiguran coastal area.

We had our boodle fight style lunch at this wonderful beach where we ate with the locals.

All the tiring travel time, back ache and some hunger we felt going to this remote community was all worth it.  Seeng the smiles and discovering another beautiful beach in the Philippines is something everyone doesn’t experience all the time.

It definitely feels good to be a part of this incredible campaign.  If not for Freewaters how would I know about this relatively unknown and gorgeous beach area in Casiguran Aurora, the Dalugan beach is a surfers paradise with its beautiful waves, white sand beach and clean coastal area.   We were told that the locals here take care good of their surroundings.  It was unfortunate that they were hit badly by typhoon Lando and they are all so happy to have us there to help them.  We will definitely be back with more help and see how they are enjoying their new water filters!

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything

The smile on their faces shows how grateful they are and this picture will be forever in my mind and in my heart.  The little things we do for people who need it, the little things we take for granted for are very much appreciated in this community.  I feel more blessed than ever and I am thankful for the life I have. I couldn’t as for more but whatever good comes is already a bonus!

It was not easy going to Dipontian and Dalugan in Casiguran province of Aurora but all the hunger, sweat, wet clothes and long drive was all worth it.   We head back to Costa Pacifica Baler with warm fuzzy feeling inside.our

You may watch the entire trip to the remote islands in Casiguran here:


We had late dinner and small awarding ceremony for the best IG post capturing the best moments and essence of this entire trip .  You may see all the Instagram post using the hashtags : #FeelsGood, #FreshWaters, #ChangeEverything.

Our dirt road ride to reach the beautiful Dalungan beach:

Take a look at the beautiful Dalungan beach in Casiguran Aurora:


Ana, Pax and Paul went home like  early for some other commitment like 4AM.  I don’t want to stress myself, I stayed for some little R&R and have solo beach time.  The rest stayed in late and woke around 10am.  I was at the beach before sunrise so I can make some little time lapse video and Yoga by the beach !    I enjoyed this solo beach time altho a little company could not hurt so I can have decent photos hahahaha!

I enjoyed my breakfast ahead of everyone at the Beach House and broadcast at bit on my #Periscope.  It just feels good to be in the beach doing nothing but chill!  Unfortunately as much as I wanted to surf I can’t because the monthly visitor just paid a visit! Bummer.

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything
We left Baler before noon and had a super late lunch almost 5PM after the NLEX toll way!  We all slept through in the van.

The #Freewaters #FeelsGood event is sponsored by RES-TOE-RUN, R.O.X, Grind, Cobra, Summit, Brew Kettle, Great Escapes, Brush Stroke, Primer, Freewaters, NOA Watergrear and Go Pro.  Thank you for making me a part of  this solid adventure of a lifetime!

#FeelsGood #FreeWaters #ChangeEverything

Meanwhile, you too can help give free water around the world as Freewater gives 1% of its top line (gross) sale to fund global clean drinking water projects.  Currently they have mobilied projects in Kenya, Haiti, California and now the Philippines.

Want to see how durable the Freewaters footwear is? Here’s a video of where I took mine and I am satisfied how reliable it is!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

You may view the entire photo album here:

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