We All Fail In Love Sometimes

“I miss the days when tying my shoe laces was the hardest thing I had to do, now, it’s learning how to smile when everything inside me tells me to cry.”

This was one of the kind of forwarded text messages I often got from a very die-hard romantic fool friend who is now suffering the agony of a broken heart. Fragile and weak he desires to vanish on the face of the earth. Last message I got from him he was saying goodbye because he said he will distance himself from everyone that reminded him of her the person who has torn him to bits and pieces.

What he said about wanting to disappear was not a laughing matter but arguing about it with him and tell him it’s not the end of the world won’t work either. He needs time to wallow into hurt until he gets numb and eventually accept the truth and realizes its not the end of the world. The sun still shines in the horizon and there’s someone meant for him somewhere he just has to be patient and relish every moment.

Loving someone is never easy especially when its a one-way street. There is no such thing as unconditional love we all desire for our love to be returned and feel loved by love of our life. Unrequited love is the hardest of all.

A mother who loves her child “unconditionally” also wishes that her child will love her back. In the Ten Commandments God said love God above all. Even God demands to be love by his creation what more us who are just human.

It’s ironic that the one who can bring us so much happiness are the ones who can torture our soul right to the core. But as a famous cliché goes: It is better to have love and lost than never to love at all.

I have bitter-sweet experiences in love and loving I had a relationship that didn’t end up happily ever after and I thought I couldn’t live without him and wished that I could be a nun instead because I don’t want to love anyone else if not him but then wallowing about the hurt, tormenting my self and bringing myself to tears whenever I hear love songs was all a part of the healing process. So I moved on. I wasn’t afraid to love again. I got in another failed relationship that yielded me to be a single mom of a 5 year old daughter but I wasn’t afraid to love not afraid of love and not being afraid of being single either.

An old adage said “Those who are afraid to love are afraid to live; getting hurt is all part of the balance in life and the learning process. Success is a more pleasurable experience when we already know the pain of failure.

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  1. aww your poor friend!!

    I wonder if those people that made those old saying were 1) broken hearted or 2) still in love [ans: probably number 2 lol]

    we don’t need manual to fall in love, we do it without thinking, they say it’s like a drug. But someone needs to create a manual or medicine for broken hearts & failed love, I’m sure people will even happily take an injection =)

    hmm I’ve never been in love, but I’ve been in a one way crush for the same boy since I was 4yrs (its so… annoying!!! I need a manual )

  2. A real love story is not a fairy tale. Relationship is an on-going process, the interaction between the two partners goes on, be it bad or good. When you hurt, you strive to pick a lesson from the experience and then move on. Sulking won’t help, hating perhaps soothe the hurt feelings but what enables a person to forgive and forget is finding another person who gives you everything that you are willing to give too.

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