Things to do In Boracay Aside from the Obvious – A 3 Day Itinerary #AzaleaGroupGetaway

Last year I had a falling out with Boracay.  It was just way too crowded and polluted for my taste. The Laboracay scene is not my crowd and idea of a good time anymore.  Honestly, since then, I wondered why is Boracay still considered as one of the best island in the world.  My question was answered during my latest visit to the island, I finally rekindled my love and found out what happens in Boracay that made it a paradise by travelers around the world.

Azalea Hotel & Residences Boracay invited me along other blogger friends to enjoy the Azaela group getaway adventures and packages.  Plus of course, experience what it’s like to stay there. 

Azalea had our itenerary all planned out, from where we will have our breafast, lunch, and dinner, to places we will visit and the activities we will try, so all we need is to sit back, relax and enjoy our holiday.  Our timing was so right as the weather was bad in Manila (there was a storm up) but the weather was a perfect summer day in Boracay.  Here’s what happens during our trip…

Day 1:
Azalea Boracay, Kuya J’s, Hoy!Panga, Boracay Suncruiser Boat Party & Mamita

On our first day we arrived at the port with full pick up and service provided by the friendly staff of Azalea Boracay.  Because there was big waves at the usual port area, we docked at the Tabon Port . It was my first time there. I was surprised that there is also a bad traffic situation in Boracay now (Yes, that is one of the things I did not like about the island, it became too populated, too many establishments, it became very commercialized. It actually reminded me of Sampaloc Manila area).

Frotunately, upon arriving at Azalea Boracay, my disappointment washed out.  Aside from the trademark globe dome infront with the Azalea flower,  the facade was beautiful with it’s all white paint and decoration.

We had breakfast at Kuya J’s restaurant which is just at the ground floor of the hotel adjacent to the lobby.  Kuya J is a partner restaurant , they are the one serving the buffet breakfast and meals for the hotel guests.

After getting full, we were assisted to our hotel rooms .  I was suppose to have a roommate but she did not make it on time in the airport, so the entire Two Bedroom Suite was mine! I did not feel alone in the room though.  One room was for my photo shoot and the other I can mess it anyway I want it haha!    Let me show you around my hotel room in this video:


Aside from a Two Bedroom Suite which is perfect for Group Getaways with friends or a small family , there are other room types available at Azalea Hotel & Residence Boracay like the deluxe hotel room with two beds,  one bedroom , family room with 3 bedrooms and a couples rooms for romantic honeymoon or date.  Room rates starts at Php7,500.00 (off-peak) to Php23,500.00 (super peak).


I fell in love with my room, so I took some nap before we head out for some group activities that day. The bed was so comfy, loved the fluffy pillows. I think it was a queen size bed,  fit for a queen like me haha!

We had lunch at Hoy! Panga and went straight to Bulabod beach to take a boat ride to the Boat Party hosted Boracay Suncruiser! Unfortunately the video I took at the party boat was corrupted, I thought it was uploaded on my YouTube channel  but it didn’t.  Sigh. Anyway, we had a blast in there, booze, food, personal dj onboard, and a giant slide! Everyone can take the plunge! Rest assured the Suncruiser has a number of lifeguards and there are floaters and lifejackets available for everyone’s safety. We cruised until the sunset admiring the breathtaking view of the open ocean and the montain ranges surrounding us.

Dinner was at Mamitas along Station 2 of Boracay. They serve the best Avocado Shake in the island (we tried a number of them!)  I love all the dishes we had,  very good Filipino dishes.  I recommend you dine here you will not be disappointed..



Day 2:
Secret Beach IliIligan Beach, Spider House and Pubcraw Boracay

Breakfast was at Kuya J’s, I’m glad they have different dishes served on their spread, except for the basics of course. I love their hot chocolate, it’s Batirol type! Yum!

We head to a secret beach in Boracay that not many people know yet. All our transfers and tours was assisted by the tour staff of Azalea Boracay. The secret beach is called IliIligan beach, there’s a small hut in there that serves as a convenient store selling drinks and snacks. The shoreline was beautiful, peach white sand and the water is very clear. I cannot resist but take a swim!

Secret Beach in Boracay IliIligan Beach
After a few moments at IliIligan we went to Spider House for  lunch. Going to the venue kinda creeped me out. Maybe because of the violent waves greeting us along the way, and some debris by the shore. Or maybe because I’m not fond of spiders and creepy crawlers. It’s on the edge of a cliff so going there was kinda small hike.  The view and food was worth it. Spider House is popular to tourist especially when the water is calm it is a nice place for cliff diving. They are popular for their pizza and pasta so that’s what we had. Yum!


Spider House Boracay
Going back to the hotel, we felt amiss with swimming so we had some fun time  #poolingaround the rooftop pool of Azalea Boracay.

Dinner was held at the rooftop as well with food they ordered from the market and cooked by Kuya J’s. It was my first time to try the Diwal Shells, I only had one small piece though as I’m allergic to anything with shells! My allergic reaction differs fortunately I did not react to this one but I did not want to push my luck even if it was scrumptious.


After dinner we went to experience Pubcrawl Boracay! There are three important rules in in the pub crawl: 1) is to meet 3 different people and remember 3 interesting things about them, 2) you cannot drink alone or on your own you have to tap someone on the shoulder if you are having a drink other than the free shots they provide you , 3) you will crawl home at the end of the night!

I now understand why they call it pub crawl because you will literally want to crawl home after all the long walks to each bar/club you will visit. There are 5 bars to visit and the distance to each bar is a kilometer walk (I think, it felt like that) So, if you see people walking like drunkards or do the wobbly walk wearing the pubcrawl shirt, it’s not the booze but the exhaustion from all the walk and the dancing! It was fun though, especially with the right company! Glad I was with this beshie bunch for this trip! Shout out to Trish,  Manuel,  Cha,  McPol,  Enzo,  Chino,  Czarina,  Melo and Jo!

Day 3:
Lemon Cafe, Real Coffee, Boracay Adventure World (ATV Rides!) Bil-At Beach, Gastho

We went out of the hotel for breakfast and tried Lemon Cafe. Lemon Cafe is famous for their huge servings and delightfully scrumptious breakfast menu. It did not disappoint, I had the Crispy Bacon Eggs Benedict and the Beef Tapa. I super love how crispy the bacon is even if it was topped with the egg. The egg was perfectly done and the bread had the perfect sweetness and softness that melts in your mouth. Mmmmm I am craving for it now! The tapa was equally good, sweet beef tapa strips with sunny side up eggs and fried rice on the side. But I love the crispy bacon better! Highly recommended!


Breakfast was too heavy and filling so we hang-out by the beach front at the Real Coffee.  My companions had the coffee and we all tried the famous Calamansi Muffin. The muffin was the most packed muffin ever , it was too much for a tiny me to finish, so I shared mine with Trish, whom I think did not finish the entire piece as well. But I think pastry lovers will enjoy it.

Lunch was at Kuya J’s in preparation for a very physical adventure at Boracay Adventure World. Lunch is ala carte at Kuya J’s, of course we had their famous Crispy Pata and Sisig among other favorites!

Then off to another adventure!

I don’t drive but I dare drove the ATV by myself and proud of it! The terrain we had to go through was kinda difficult for a first timer. I am glad we were 8 vehicles in the convoy so we were running kinda slow, although I tried to pick up speed by waiting out for the one infront of me to be a few meters away before I pick up my speed. It feels good to drive the ATV and the need for speed! The adrenalin. We had the 45 minute ride with about 12 courses / tracks I think.  The downhill tracks was scary coz all you have to do is hold the breaks and let gravity pull you down.  The climb up was difficult as if you accelerate too much you can flip and trip over !   So I was very careful manueving!



Before the finish line was a beautiful private beach waiting for us to explore, the Bil-At Beach. They call it Bil-At because it is in between two other secret beaches, Puka Beach was one of them.  I love pinkish Orange sand,  clear waters although there’s lots of algae on the rocks.  The view was breathtaking.  I wish we had more time to explore!



After an exhausting yet fun driving the ATV.  We head back to our hotel to freshen up a bit.   Then we went out again for dinner,  this time it  was at Gastho  where we had seafood galore, good thing they are also famous for their ribs so I had that.  We were suppose to have a Karaoke night but majority want to enjoy their comfy rooms and beds so we all sleep in early.  We had a long day but hey I wanted to make the most of our stay.


Day 4:
Going Home

Our flight back to Manila was very early like leave hotel by 530am.  So Azalea Boracay people made us packed breakfast to eat along the way to the airport or while on flight.

I wish to stay longer but there is always the next time!

What I love about Azalea Hotel & Residence Boracay is their Group Getaway Packages. Honestly, I wouldn’t know about the secret beaches like IliIligan Beach and Bil-At Beach if not for them. I wouldn’t have tried going to a PubCrawl in Boracay or even enjoy a Boat Party if not for them.

The advantage of staying at Azalea when in Boracay is that you can take advantage of their Travel & Vacation Conceirge.  They will take care of your activities when in the Island. They will book everything for you and even bring you to the venue and fetch you after. Full service tourist assistance for guest is what they offer. They also get huge discounts and privileges on establishments and activities to try in the area.


Here’s a glimpse of things to do in Boracay Aside from the Obvious, A 3 Day Itenerary / What We did in Boracay #AzaleaGroupGetaway :




Azalea Hotels & Residence Boracay is the very first 4-star quality serviced apartment in Boracay offering spacious accommodations complete with kitchen, dining and living area facilities perfect for family vacations and leisure getaways. All rooms and suites are fully furnished with kitchen, dining and living areas with cookware and chinaware provided free of charge. For reservations and other inquiries you may visit or email

We were suppose to go parasailing and visit Ariel’s Point but the sea was kinda violent during our visit cliff jumping and other activites was not allowed .  We were  suppose to go Karaoke in one of the bars but we were tired from the adventure ride. This means there are more things to do in Boracay and I can’t wait to be back again!   The secret beaches just made me super happy as there are parts of Boracay that is not crowded yet! Hooray!

How about you, what is your favorite activity in Boracay?  Have you done any of the things I mentioned in this post?  I would like to hear your stories too!  Please share on the comment section!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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