My Makansutra Hawker Food Trip Experience

Usually in the Philippines the concept of street food is very literal, the food we see and buy from the street sidewalk food vendors. There’s isaw, Adidas, Kwek Kwek, fishball, icesramble and more. In other parts of Asia, like Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong when they say street food what comes in mind is the flavorful and mysterious food served in a “food court” kind of concept by different stalls. It’s also what we call carinderia in Filipino and what they call Hawker Food in other parts of Asia.

Traveler friends would recommend the Hawker food as One of the must visit food stops when in Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong as this is where you can experience the authentic taste and concept. But I am. Glad to tell everyone that you don’t need to pack your bags and buy and airfare ticket to the said destinations as the Hawker Experience is now here in Manila!

Say Hello to Makansutra!

Makan is the Bahasa word for “food”, and Sutra means “guide” according to Buddhist scriptures. Makansutra Chief Executive and Makan Guru KF Seetoh put the two words together to fittingly describe what the company aims to achieve: to serve as food and dining guide through recipes that have been inherited from the forefathers of the Asian region.

Makansutra in located at the SM Megamall A, is the company’s first fully-owned restaurant in the Philippines, and the first of its kind in the country. It showcases hawker restaurants that are popular in Singapore, offering various recipes with Asian origins such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Gathering a total of 70 to 80 Filipino chefs, the owners of the restaurants themselves came all the way from Singapore to teach the art of cooking authentic heritage street food that customers will find unique and delectable.

Makansutra Hawker Food Experience.

These foods became iconic and famous, became big business in many countries.The best thing about this is that it’s convenient for you to keep coming back, and you will not run out of choices because there is something for everyone with different taste preferences. None of these foods are adopted for the Pinoy tastebud. These are all authentic heritage food from various regions. It’s our entry point to Singapore’s popular foods.”

Watch my Makansutra Hawker Food Adventure Here :

How to go about your Makansutra Hawker Food Trip.
1. Go around and see what your palate will fancy. There is Malaysia, Singaporean, Indian, Chinese Hawker food available. Yes, Bah Kuh Teh, Sate, Roti Prata and the like!
2. Order your food direct at the stalls pay as you order and find a seat.
3. Or sit back and relax at one of the Function Rooms, ask for the menu from the servers and they will order what you want for you and serve it back to you. This type of has 15% service charge. The food staff are well versed with the kind of food available here. You can ask them anything and can tell you whatever you want to know about a certain dish, restaurant or flavoring you are looking for. Like if you want less sugar or no sugar on your shake, want not spicy food or fish dish, they can help you out.

Makansutra Hawker Food Experience
Makansutra Hawker Food Experience

Personally, I’ve tried Hawker Food in Singapore and Malaysia, when I was at Makansutra I got the same exact feel like I was abroad. Plus the food selection is variable, the place is clean and very street artsy, the best part is the food is very affordable. You can get dish for as low as Php80.00 it can get high as Php700.00 but this price is for sharing by four people or more as they have big servings.

If you have an adventurous tongue, I suggest you visit Makansutra right away. They are open everyday from 10am to 9pm on weekdays and up to 10pm on weekends.

Makansutra Hawker Food Experience Die Die Must Try

Die Die Must Try, just a way of them saying you should try this before you die, a food experience you should not miss in your life.

Makansutra Hawker Food Experience
Went on this Makansutra Hawker Food Trip Experience with my blogger friends, Ted, Enzo, Azrael and Jeman with our PR friend Carl.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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