Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s 5 days before 2017. Finally I had the time to take a look at the 2017 Planners I have . ¬†After browsing them over I have decided which ones to use. ¬† How about you do you know which 2017 Planner should you get for yourself?

Let me help you decided with this post about the 2017 Belle de Jour Planners: the Power Planner, the Navi, the Focus , and the Leather. I also have the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2017 Giving Journal that you can get for free by completing all the stickers in a holiday card. A special planner for Feng Shui enthusiast by Marites Allen for 2017. Plus the 2017 Wrangle #WanderwithPassion Planner that you can get for a single purchase of Php4,000 at any Wrangler Store.

Personally, I will be using three planners: the 2017 BDJ Power Planner, the Feng Shui planner and the Wrangler planner. I like the power planner because aside from writing down my activities for the day, week and month, there are many other things I can put in there and monitor my expenses, period, goals and visions. I like the Wrangler Planner because I can use it as my journal and I love the reusable cover. The Feng Shui planner can guide me of the auspicious dates according to Feng Shui. It tells me when is the best day to close a business deal, end a relationship, remove and renovate things in the house , travel and many other aspects. It’s not spot on but it helps.

How about you, which planner do you plan to use this 2017 and why?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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