How My 2016 Went #Earthin2016

How My 2016 Went #Earthin2016

When a new year comes, I always say, the best year is yet to come.  That is true for me at least, because every year I get opportunities to live the dream. For that, I can’t be thankful enough to everyone who made my 2016 such a blast! It was not perfect but I wouln’t ask for it to be any different, because I know that is how it should be.

Just this 2016 I had an abundance of travel adventures and see places I didn’t even have in my must-see places to visit.  A lot of first happened this 2016 !

For starters, I was in Sinulog last January, thanks to ASUS Philippines for taking me there. Personally, I wouldn’t visit Cebu on a peak season because of the crowd. But because of this trip I was able to experience Sinuglog first hand and it was not that bad at all.

Madonna set my rebel heart on fire when she finally came here in the Philippines last February for a concert! Yay! One of the best days of my life as I am such a big fan of this living Pop Icon!   It was sureal to have seen her perform live and in person.

Even when I was not at my best shape, Nivea took me to a kick-off to summer 2016 trip to Bohol with other fashion bloggers and online influencers!  It was my first time in Bohol and it was such a fun experience with all those crazy fun task we had to do!  We all went home with a doll that turns crab red when exposed to the sun!  So adorable!

I’ve been dying to try a helicopter ride, thanks #SmartHeroes for my Mr.Gray date moment and more!  You can watch my YouTube video about this and hear me sing Love Me Like You Do! Hahahaha!

I never pass a chance to help for the greater good.  If I can give my time, my talent and whatever I can offer I will.  Thanks to Freewaters and Primer Group for taking me to Aurora Province.  It was my first time in Casiguran Town and it #FeelsGood.  While the view is breathtaking, it is another hidden surf haven I wish will not be commercialized.  Giving the people of that town the chance to have safe drinking water made this trip more rewarding than any other trip I had in my life!

It’s funny that I never get the chance to fully appreciate the art I see along the streets of Bonifacio Global City .  Some of the street art murals we saw have existed for more than 5 years and yet it was only this April that I got the chance to appreciate it up close.  Thanks Butterfly Twist for the street art tour!

When I think of Asian countries to visit, Laos / Luang Prabang was not in my list.  Thanks to Tourism Mekong for including me in the foreign bloggers to join the Mekong River Familiarization Tour, I get to be in Nan in Thailand and Luang Prabang in Laos.  It was incredible to be able to cross-country or cross a border on foot and do a real life Temple Run! #ThankYou to AirAsia for being my air travel sponsor from Manila to Kuala Lumpur and back. AirAsia Philippines has no direct flight to Bangkok that time, it was AirAsia Thailand who sponsored the rest of our air travel.

June was a lot of shoot for campaigns, the Missoni Women, Jollibee Be You and Free Love.  My most favorite part of this month was when I had a face-to-face with my Superman of my generation, Dean Cain at the Toycon 2016!  All Journalism/communications student during my time can relate that that moment I felt I was Lois Lane haha!

Every girl I think wished she was a Ballerina.  But every girl from my generation wished to see Ms. Lisa Macuja in person and see a ballet show again after many eons had passed.  It was good to see a live classic ballet performance that I turned nostalgic. So, I didn’t pass the chace to try ballet once more I loved it but I have no time for it. Sigh. But thanks Ballet Manila for the opportunity.

I always say it’s always summer in the Philippines.  True enough, Azalea and Travel Conceirge took me to Boracay for a Group Getaway last August!  This trip made me realize there’s so much more to Boracay than the white beach.  What we did during our visit made me believe why this island is the best Island in the world.

Because of an opportunity to visit the United States of America, I went to the US Embassy to apply for a visa in September and luckily I got it, it took me a month to be able to get a schedule.  You can read the entire US Visa process for Filipinos I went through in this post.

September was also a weird tour at a cemetery, it was a taste of the upcoming Necro Tourism in the Philippines!

Lot of first things indeed happened in October  as I get to go on a shopping challenge and revisit Tutuban / Divisoria Manila!  It was challenging but surprisingly fun!  I even won the Christmas shopping challenge hah!

If you’ve been to Singapore and enjoyed their hawker food centers then you will love Makansutra.  Yes, the hawker experience is here in the Philippines and it’s at SM Megamall.  Taste and experience is authentic price is affordable, food choices are varied and place is instagrammable!

Then November came I went to the USA ergo #EarthintheUSAadventure!  Been to LA California, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, The Groove, and all those popular places in California except the beaches!   I was also in Oregon , such a lovely place.  I am taken I wish to go back.  Honestly, US was one of the country that was not in my countries to see .  But after this trip, I want to go to different states visit my relatives in New York and Las Vegas and anywhere else . State hopping is fun but expensive though and I still need to learn to drive to survive USA!

December is here and I am taking it slow.  NOT!  The family goes away on Holidays local or international but I think it’s local for now, mom and DD has to renew their passports yet.

While I gained a lot of experiences, memories and friends along the way, 2016 was the saddest year to date.  I have lost three good friends in the blogging community: Adrian Benipayo, Ian Escarpe and Jennifer Roxas.  Good people with good hearts, we miss you badly, I miss you badly.  It is painful to even write this but my thoughts are always with you. You will never be forgotten. I love you.

With that said, that’s a wrap for Earthlingorgeous this 2016. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all my readers, my supporters, the agency people and brands and even my haters/bashers, most especially to my  family, without any of you I wouldn’t be able to experience all this wonderful things!  All this happened in 2016!  Thank you so much!

#ThankYou is such a complete paragraph on it’s own. Just like what this AirAsia Philippines video shows, be grateful to whoever, wherever, it goes a long way!

Thank you and Cheers and the best year is yet to come! Happy New Year!

Watch my YearEnd video again to get you inspired to live a life of adventure and make use of a journal for easy backtracking !

Stay gorgeous everyone!

15 thoughts on “How My 2016 Went #Earthin2016

  1. Shalene! Yes I am very lucky indeed and I am very thankful to be showered with all this blessings! My heart is full and my life is full and I am open to more blessings, friends , experiences and places to see in 2017!

  2. You have A LOT to be thankful for this year! You are/were truly blessed! Ang saya lang because you get to enjoy those luxurious experiences ❤?

  3. Super fulfilling, the best kind of busy! Thank you so much! Happy new year to you too and may you get your hearts desire in 2017!

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