Buy or Bye? My SiliSponge Review

SiliSponge Review Philippines

SiliSponge Review Philippines
The SiliSponge is one if the most hyoed makeup tools / trends that came out this year.  There were a lot of reviewsmos+of them loving it while sole thought it was just a silly thing and there is nothing special.

I was asked to do a video blog about it and was given a freehand to post whatever I want about it.  All they want is that I show the world how I use it or just show everyone that I used it.

Since I was curious myself about the SiliSponge I said yes.  It took a couple of weeks before the product got to me though.

So what do I think of the SiliSponge?

Please watch this video comparing the use of SiliSponge to my fingers when applying liquid foundation:


So, should you buy or say bye to the SiliSponge?

Well, if you don’t have it you can live without it and continue using your fingers or sponges or brushes. Whichever makeup tool you are comfy at to use.
But, if you have it, by all means use it. It is so efficient, it saves a lot of foundation , easy to clean, easy to use and glides easily to the skin making an even applicstion of the foundation.
However, I am not sure if it will work the same if you have rough skin. I have clear and smooth skin almost poreless so it’s like rubbing smooth surface against a smooth one. I should try using the silisponge on my knees and see if it is as efficient as it is on rough skin surface. Personally, I liked it.

SiliSponge Review Philippines

SiliSponge is originally from the US and most loved in L.A. Most of the products from Asia are sourced out from the states. Price range of the original SiliSponge is about Php700++ but there was an online store selling something like it for less than Php300.

How would you know if you got the immitation product? You can’t really tell all silicone product looks the same. You can mistake it as bra filler or if it was a bit thinner use it as shoe cusion. Hehe.

How about you, have you tried the SiliSponge before? What did you think?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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