My Weekend at Chateau Royal Hotel Resort Spa in Batangas

I had a great weekend getaway at Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa with a few blogger friends and fitness buffs.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa review

We were taken there to have a relaxing escapade in one place  that you won’t feel amiss going out to see or do other things outside the resort.  In fact I feel a weekend is not enough to fully experience Chateau Royale, the place is huge, serene, and there is so many activities to enjoy by group of friends, honeymooners or even office mates out for their team building.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa review

Two hours plus away from Manila close to Tagaytay is Chateau Royal Hotel & Resort  a great getaway for the entire family. With over 100+ hectares land area you’ll never run out things to do and places to explore when here.  Here are just some of the things we did when we were there:


There is not much safe place to bike for leisure in Manila so when we saw mountain bikes we just got to ride.  It was a good way to explore the huge land area of Chateau Royal without  getting too exhausted,  although they have golf carts as service to get you to point a to b. Biking is fun and freedom! You can bring your bike or rent for Php200 per hour.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa

Rock Climbing

A 30 meter rock is set up for climbing enthusiast to enjoy or practice climb. Level of difficulty varies depending on which side of the rock you ascent.  Rate is Php199 per head.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa


Watch birds in the larger than life Aviary

They have a larger than life Aviary just beside the wave pool area.  If you like burd watching or witness how peacocks mate (if you have time and patience) you can witness it here.  They have parrots, turkey, regular birds that we did not see when there coz we were trying to experience everything in the resort,  plus we were waiting for the peacocks to mate haha. It was fun to see the male peacock spread his beautiful colorful feathers.

Swim at the Wave Pool

Chateau Royal siad they have the biggest wave pool in the country.  I think theirs is the longest compared other ones I have been into.  What I like about their wave pool is the depth never exceeds over 4 feet. The entire pool is 4 feet only as when the big waves comes it gets deeper!

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa review

Forrest Trekking

Beyond the view deck of the aviary is lush green forrest that we have yet to explore.  If you want to take a hike, Chateau Royale can provide you with a ranger to guide you. Hike will take about an hour and a half.  I want to try this when I go back. Or maybe take a bike in there if it is allowed.


Zip Line

They have a zip line that cross from the aviary, to the wave pool and by the bonfire area .  It was not as scary as the superman position. Rate is Php299 per head.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa


Horseback riding or petting

Horses are wild animals so riding them depends on their mood.  Or well they were feeding that time , plus distracted with our loud noises.  Horses can sense fear or insecurity or confidence.  You can pet them just ask their caretaker to assist you.  Don’t do it alone.  You might get hurt.  Sinon Loresca and Rhea Bue almost got kicked real hard by the horses.  Good thing they were able to avoid it.  Be careful it is not for everyone!

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa review


Neola Spa

I was surprised to see how huge the spa was.  Aside from massage rooms for couples or group, they have an indoor pool, two infact, inside the spa!   You can swim before a massage, while waiting or in between sauna or steam session.  Yes they have sauna room and steam room that can fit up to 7 people inside.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa

Swan Lake

They have a dreamy area where you can relax and watch the swans swim by.  Have you seen swans in real life?  This is the place to be and they are bigger than you think they are.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa

Where to eat?

You have three dining options.

  1. The Don Jose restaurant which is across the lobby area by the regular pool/canoe area.  This is where the breakfast is served.  They can prepare western and eastern cuisine .
  2. The One Fishing Village where we mostly dined for lunch.  They have their famous Shabulalo a fusion of Bulalo and Shabu Shabu.  They make delicious Filipino food, boodle fight style or normal sit in Filipino dining.Chateau royal hotel resort spa reviewChateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa review
  3. Pool Bar . Every weekend they have Pool Bar BBQ where you can dine at the main pool deck overlooking the aviary and the wave pool.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa Lodging

They have two different lodging type, the regular hotel and the cabin type.   We stayed at one of the cabins and it was really nice.  Free Wi-Fi in the rooms and most of the public area,  even in the pool!

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa

Chateau Royal Hotel Resort Spa has an all year round promo where you can enjoy everything I mentioned above and even more.  They have day tour as well if you plan to stay somewhere else.

Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa review

For availability and bookings you may visit.

Oh, if you are worried about the earthquake the place has low rice buildings actually cabin type rooms that is made of light materials. They have big open spaces and is close to a hospital in case or emergency.

To see what we did on a weekend at Chateau Royal Hotel Resort Soa in action you may watch my vlog below

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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