What Kind of Uber Rider Archetype Are You? Find Out Your #YearwithUberPh Here

We all know how Uber went through some serious hiccups midyear of 2017 when we almost lost one of our sanest way of commuting in style around the heavily traffic congested Metro Manila.

2017 is about to end real soon, I barely remember my year with Uber it’s all a blur.  But when I checked my rider archetype,  I was labelled as the Early Bird.  Maybe Because I book my ride before the rush hour.  I am definitely not a morning person!  But I do like to get the most of my day when I am out.

Do you want to know what kind of Uber Rider Archetype are you?  Uber released their rider archetypes at the year end party held at Breakfast All Day B.A.D. at The Palace.  The party was attended by Uber riders of course!

Uber Rider Archetype #YearwithUberPh

Uber Rider Archetypes #YearwithUberPh party bloggers

Cheats performed that night.

Uber Rider Archetypes #YearwithUberPh party The Cheats


The Uber rider archetype  was  inspired by users’ riding history and theybare classified into the following:

● The All Star – All-Stars make some serious moves. They move from place to place, finding comfort in the backseat space.
● The Explorer – Collecting miles, both air and road, is a habit for Explorers. Travel is part and parcel of their lives, and once on the ground, Uber is their default mode.
● The Early Bird – Early Birds are quintessentially morning people. While others are still in bed, they’ve made their way, making sure they get the most out of their day.
● The Midday Wanderer – Midday Wanderers are all about town before the sun goes down. They hop around to shop, run errands or have tea. They get a ton done before making the home run.
● The Nightrider – While others are home, you’ll no doubt find Nightriders out and about. More often found under the moon than out in the sun, they’re the life of the party.
● The Roadtripper – There’s no such thing as roads less travelled for Roadtrippers. They have clocked in some serious road miles from one adventure to the next.
● The Lux Rider – Lux Riders are all about unrivalled comfort and top-class service. Sophisticated in every way, they want the very best and they get it.

Check out yearwithuber.com to find yours and even have your own music video about it.

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