I Visited Facebook Philippines Headquarters and this is What Happened…

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I Visited Facebook Philippines Headquarters and this is What Happened…

I think having the chance to visit Facebook Philippines headquarters is something every Facebook users in the Philippines wish they could do. It is like a child’s field trip to the candy store , there is something about getting that chance to actually be at the creator of things you use every so often is magical in a way.  Well at least that’s how I  feel.

I believe Facebook is one of the top 3 most used internet things in the world. It could even be the top 1 now next to or following Google and YouTube.    According to the profile of Internet users in the Philippines,  there is about 67 million Facebook users in the country!

That gives me the bragging rights to be one in 67 million to be at Facebook and feel really giddy about just stepping inside their office to look!

But,  I am not stopping there,  I was there at Facebook headquarters to actually have a workshop with Instagram!  Yes,  Instagram! Which has about 10 million users in the Philippines alone!   Imagine the height of my excitement being one in 10 million to have a workshop with Instagram!   Instagram is actually  owned by Facebook so there.

How did I get invited to visit Facebook with Instagram?

I owe it to my “agent” from. GetCraft Philippines who got me as one of their “influencer” talents.  As a talent/influencer they help us improve with our craft by giving us workshops,  they also get projects fit for our niche/audience.

That being said I was invited to this workshop to learn some tricks on o make my Instagram usage more entertaining and engaging to my target audience.

Why the Instagram workshop?

Instagram is fast becomming the go to social media platform of consumers and brands. Because of that there’s so many new things they want to offer especially now that a lot are getting hooked with Instagram Stories.  Plus the fact that they just launched the IGTV! It is high time to be one of the first to maximize the use of this fun social media platform in terms of promoting your brand,  yourself and conneting with your audience and the world!

What tricks did I learned from Instagram?

Well a couple of cool effects that I still can’t do!  Haha it takes a lot of practice really, one day you shall see my Instagram stories more fun and artsy than it is today.  Follow me @earthlingorgeous on Instagram.

Trick 1 is the gradient text where you can make a rainbow colored text for your IG stories. Take your IG story, add text, highlight all text by clicking select all. Usingtwo fingers one finger presses on the text rhe other on the cire at the top of the selected text, pick the color splash and viola!

Trick 2 is the surprise reveal where you can post a blank page and then suddenly an image will show itself.

Trick 3 is the stop motion which is perfect for unboxing.

Theres 3 other tricks I forgot coz I can’t move on with these 3!  I am still practicing at the moment.

I will be uploading the Instagram story I did during that day on my IGTV and Youtube just so.you can follow and watch.

Some of the things we talked about can’t be revealed here though I am sorry for leaving you hanging there!

How does Facebook Philippines headquarters look like!

To compensate for lack of juicier insider info about Facebook and Instagram I will show you around the  very Instagrammable Facebook headquarters .  Their office is so millenial with their quirky meeting rooms and office section  names.

Did you know that they only have 20 people working in the Facebook Philippines headquarters!   IKR!   Everyone asked me,  is there an opening?  IDK!  I wasn’t looking .

Now take a look at the Facebook Philippines Headquarters #FBHQph

Facebook Philippines headquarters

Facebook Instagram Workshop

The Facebook Wall!

Facebook Philippines headquarters

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