Buy or Buy: Sleeping Pill NapEase Brand Capsule

NapEase Brand Capsule

Can’t sleep? Read this.

Do you have a problem getting sleep?

One of the many causes could be over thinking, too much social media, TV, overeating , caffeine and so much more.  There are so many factors and I am sure like me you have tried and considered using sleeping pills.  One of the brands I tried is NapEase Brand Capsule.

NapEase Brand CapsuleNapEase Brand Capsule has Valerian Root & Chamomile that is said to help induce sleep.  The brand recommends one capsule a day before bedtime or as prescribe by a healthcare practitioner.

What I think of it?

  • This is an over-the-counter sleeping capsule that you can buy at leading drugstores in the country.
  • I only used it couple of times when I was desperate to get some shut eye. It doesn’t knock you out immediately but it gets you to slow down feel your tiredmess and eventually fall asleep.
  • It doesn’t make you unconscious or  unaware of your surroundings once you drowned a capsule and fall asleep so don’t worry not ever waking up when necessary.
  • I remember downing one or maybe two when I was super tired but my head still racing and I dozed off a few minutes after.
  • I don’t recommend you pop a pill every night as yoh get dependent on it and it may not have an effect anymore when you truly need it. I am no expert but I rather induce my sleep in a natural way than depend on medicines. Medicines are a last resort when you haven’t sleep properly in days , go get help.

If you don’t feel it work for you get another brand or better yet consult a doctor they know what they’re doing most of the time.


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