How Intimacy in the Bedroom Impacts Relationships

In today’s hectic world, many couples get so caught up in their routine tasks that they forget to focus on their relationship and the things they love about each other. From careers to kids to getting enough sleep at night, it all creates a situation where their relationship falls off the to-do list.

A relationship that lacks bedroom activity becomes vulnerable. Sex becomes an issue when a couple is not having any.  When one partner wants to have sex while the other isn’t interested in making out, the relationship gets affected. When a couple isn’t engaging in healthy bedroom activity, the stress among
them increases, which pushes sex even further down the list.

Keeping Emotions Hidden

Women don’t usually complain about lack of bedroom activity with their partner. That’s because they think that their complaining would affect their relationship and may take their partner further away from them. They are also afraid about how their partner would react. The male partner may give an angry reaction or may become depressed because they aren’t able to satisfy their partner. This is why women they keep their emotions bottled-up inside, which is dangerous. Bottling-up emotions can cause depression, anxiety and other unhealthy behaviors.

Drifting Further Away From One Another

When couples argue over lack of sex, they drift further away from one another and physical intimacy starts to diminish. Without physical intimacy, it is harder for couples to reconnect. They start feeling more disconnected. When there is no bedroom activity, one or both partners turn towards other things to pleasure themselves. Those other things may include drug use or alcohol. These paths aren’t a solution. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to sexual dysfunction, making matters even worse.

Research on the internet shows alcohol interferes with sexual desire, lubrication and erectile function.
Couples must put sex back on top of their priority list to regain a healthy sex life. Both partners should direct more energy towards their relationships and increase their bedroom activity to strengthen their relationship. If one partner reaches out and makes the effort, couples can get back on track with their sex life. Couples should have sex at least once a week unless there is a reason not to do so—like a medical condition.

Medical Conditions that Affect Sex

Sometimes couples can’t enjoy bedroom activity because of medical conditions like erectile dysfunction
or premature ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition where a man finds it hard to get or keep an erection for sufficient time to have sex. It can cause stress and lower self confidence.

Erectile dysfunction makes it hard for couples to engage in healthy bedroom activity. If a man isn’t able to maintain an erection, he should get a proper diagnosis. A proper diagnosis can determine whether the cause of the issue is erectile dysfunction or something else.Erectile dysfunction can be treated through medicines like Viagra and Cialis. Click Pharmacy, a leading online pharmacy advises people to discuss their condition with a physician before buying pills like Viagra because there are a few side-effects associated with these drugs.

Premature Ejaculation

When it comes to sex, timing is everything. When a man ejaculates sooner than he would like, it is called
premature ejaculation. A man who ejaculates prematurely isn’t able to satisfy his partner and this affects sexual satisfaction. Premature ejaculation can cause distress, anxiety, depression and embarrassment. Due to premature ejaculation, many couples aren’t able to enjoy a healthy bedroom activity and it causes them to drift away from each other. In some cases, men ejaculate prematurely in the beginning of the relationship. But, as they become comfortable with their partner, the difficulties resolve.

However, if the issue is persistent, a person should seek medical advice. There are a few medications like Priligy that can be used for treatment of premature ejaculation. This medicine can increase the control of a person over ejaculation. Some antidepressants have also been found helpful in delaying ejaculation. Before taking any medicine, a person should discuss their condition with a doctor.

If medical conditions are holding people back from enjoying sex, they should discuss their condition with a doctor and get the treatment to regain a healthy sex life. On the other hand, if the couple isn’t having sex simply because they are so caught up in other things, they should try to move sex on top of their priority list.

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