Buy or Bye: Tatiomax Gluthatione Complex with Fucoidan Review

Tatiomax Glutathione Complex with Fucoidan

Glutathione is so popular in the OhPhilippin because there are millions of women in the country who want whiter/lighter skin.  I don’t have anything against that especially if it makes you happy about yourself.

Personally, I like Glutathione because it is a potent anti-aging ingredient.  When I was asked if I to try Tatiomax Gluthatione Complex with Fucoidan, I did not hesitate.

Product Info 

Tatiomax Glutathione Complex with Fucoidan promises to do 5 times than those available in the market already. It’s advanced formula includes  N-Acetyl L-Crystline,Placenta, Collagen, Grapeseed, Stem Cell and Lycopene . These are the ingredient that is known to detox, support the immune system, cell rejuvenator, and great anti-oxidants.

Tatiomax Glutathione Complex with Fucoidan

What I think of it?

While I can’t really tell if it’s working or not , I can say it’s not doing me anything harm at all.

I tried taking the capsules with a few days interval to see if there was a difference .  I guess I was less bright or glowing without taking Glutathione.   As for what’s happening on my insides I can’t really tell.

Did my skin got lighter.  I think it has.  Over time , with less sun exposure than I did before,all tge vitamin C, collagen and glutathione has got me 5 shadeslighter than my usual. It is totally unavoidable to get your skin lighter and brighter as you take anti-oxidants like Glutathione.

I did not feel sluggish or lethargic,I did not feel any tummy pain when I took this unlike the others I have tried.


Buy or Buy? 

I am no expert with Glutathione but if you are looking for something with a lot of potent ingredients as it claims, then you can give this a try. Give me a feedback if you feel any difference with your other brand .

Tatiomax Glutathione Complex with Fucoidan is available at big drugstores and beauty stores in the country.


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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