How Shopping Through Shopback Gets You Cashbacks and Discounts

For those who are excited for the upcoming online 9.9 sales, hold your horses first and download the ShopbackShopback app now!

Why?  Aside from the sale prices published on the shopping and booking sites you plan to visit for the upcoming sale and holidays sale shopping , you can get discounts and cashback when you shop through Shopback.

How ?

So easy!

  • Download the Shopback app .
  • Open the Shopback app and search for the online shop or booking site you normally go online shopping. Say for example , Shopee , Lazada or even Agoda.
  • You will be reverted back to the online shopping site you normally shop but you will be credited with a Cashback once you finish you are done with your add to cart and do your checkout.
  • After your purchase is confirmed you will get a notification of the cashback amount you got credited on your Shopback account.

It’s that easy!

Look ,I just downloaded the app the other day and shopped for items on sale on Shopee and I got my cashback credit already.  It’s not that big but with the amount of shopping I do, I can actually save a lot of money while I shop and spend haha.  What a weirdo conundrums right but it is possible.

Shopback review Shopback review

Plus a bonus. For those who download and sign-ups for an account for the first  time  you can get a Php100 welcome credit if you use my code or link to download .  Here’s my link