3 things about ShopSM review

3 Things You Need to Know About Shopping Online at ShopSM

Finally, the biggest mall giant in the Philippines, SM,  have an online shopping platform.  This means we can shop yet avoid  the traffic, the crowd and cueing  long  lines to pay for your items!

But before you head on a shopping spree here are 3 things you need to know about ShopSM online shopping.  The 3 things are : 1) How to open an account and ShopSM ; 2) how to pick-up an order and; 3) how to return an item.


How to do shopping online at ShopSM?

  • It’s easy, just create a ShopSM account and sign up using your Google account or your Facebook account
  • Start browsing through the category to shop. There, are Men,    Women, Kids, Home and Beauty, sections.   But my favorite  category is the SALE tab! ShopSM review
  • Add to cart!
  • Check out!
  • There is an option to have your items delivered to you door-to-door or you can pick it up yourself at any SM branch near you.
  • You can pay choose to online if you are picking it up or you can have it cash upon delivery.
  • Delivery is  is not free of charge. There is a  standard delivery fee of Php99.00 for orders placed.

What happens when you choose the pick-up option?

You will have to wait for the one time pick-up code to be sent on your mobile phone before you can go to a store ans claim your item.

You can choose which ever SM department store near you you want as your pick up point. But you have to indicate where upon checkout .


3 Things you need to know about ShopSM

What to do when you get the wrong size, damaged or wrong item?

Sometimes, because of unforseen reasons, like confusion on the part of the packer,  you get or sent the wrong item.

This is likely to happen on a Holiday rush because of too many non-working days , too many orders, and too little time.

When I picked up my order I got sent the wrong shoe size.  I ordered two footwear,  one was  the correct size  the other was definitely not my size.  I knew it the moment I opened the package. It’s humongous!

How to return wrong item at ShopSM

Relax.  You can have it returned for refund or returned to have it replaced.


How to return wrong size or color or damaged items?

  • Go to your ShopSM account and click on your orders .
  • Look for the item you want returned or replaced.
  • An email will be sent to you with the instructions on how to return the item.  It will include printing the return authorization form that you need to fill up to process return.
  • Bring the printed form along with the item you want returned to an SM store near you.
  • Wait for further emails as for the status of your return and the return  of your funds or item replacement
  • ShopSM again if you want to purchase a new item.
  • If you experience the same , repeat the process.

How to return wrong item at ShopSM

In my case, I returned the item on the store where I picked it up, SM Megamall because that’s the SM department store near me.

I was the first to return an item at SM Megamall and to use the voucher they provided. The counter people did not know what to do yet so it took me awhile to wait for them to iron the process.  After the experience with their first return from ShopSM and someone using the voucher , I don’t think anyone doing the same sometime soon will not have problem anymore!

P.S. Don’t be confused if you see SM Cubao on your voucher, it’s because that’s ShopSM main warehouse is located.

How to return wrong item at ShopSM

Just a few suggestions. Room for improvement on ShopSM 

  • NO  TO PLASTICS PLEASE!  I  wish they don’t pack the items for pickup on a plastic packaging like it’s going to be shipped out.  Let’s stop if not minimize the use of plastics shall we!  It’s a pick-up item so paperb or bring your own shopping bag should be suggested on the pick-up instructions. No need for bubble wraps and plastic packs.3 Things to know about ShopSM review
  • FASTER TURN OVER TIME ON PICK UP ITEMS.  Shoppers like me are excited to get their hands on the items they shop that’s why they choose to pick up the item instead of having it delivered.  It would be nice that the turn-around time for pick up is faster than those who want it delivered to their homes. One of the reasons a customer wants to pick up is also based on their schedule and maybe it’s going to be a gift to someone arriving on that day or maybe a birthday surprise.
  • LESS PAPER USE  !  Instead of printing the return authorization form and the voucjer , I suggest that we all just use our ShopSM app .  Digital signature and barcode can be scanned from the mobile phones now.
  • MORE CATEGORIES TO SHOP! Hopefully there will be an electronics and gadgets tab in the near future . A grocery and food delivery option  would be awesome!

There were a lot of hitches I encountered, which is fine at least we get to tell them what needs to be done to make the ShopSM experience flawless and fun!  Hopefully, none of you will have the same anymore after reading this post!

Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!