Top 5 Rainy Weather Foot Wear

Are you ready for the rain? Are you tired of getting feet wet or soggy shoes?

I went to hunt for the perfect footwear to keep my feet comfy and dry and never again experience soggy shoes and here are the top 3 footwear brands I highly recommend everyone should have especially for a rainy weather like today.


1. Plueys

They got those lovely Rainboots and Rainshoes that will let you celebrate the rain and take you places.

Sew Cute!

Click here to buy!

This Blue Jeans Rainboots is perfect for the active little fashionista

While Vicky Rainskimmers are perfect for you, your sister or your bestfriend. Every purchase of Rain Skimmers comes with a free pair of heel protectors for long-wear comfort! Click here to buy!

2. Melissa

They began as a well-know jelly shoe manufacturer and are now making waves worldwide with collaborations with international designers and brands.

Ashanti Ankle Boots

Funky, fab, and functional — Melissa’s new Ashanti ankle boots are a must for the cold weather days!
Vivienne Westwood Squiggle Boot
Vivienne Westwood Squiggle Boot
Originally made in leather, the Squiggle Boot is the perfect rainboots combining style and comfort for those rainy days.
Adanna + Little Prince
The Little Prince now teams up with the Melissa team as part of the Adanna design. The basic button flat has the Little Prince print on the insole and is engraved on the button of the shoe as well.

Click here to view Melissa’s entire collection. You can purchase online and pay through bank, credit card or Paypal !

3. Crocs

They may be labelled as one one of the worlds most ugliest footwear ever created, they are made to last and well are very comfy to wear especially on a slippery when wet weather like this one.  Here are some of their nicer collections:

Click here to see more of the Crocs better designed shoes


If you are looking for a more durable, high-end flip-flop you can wear on a rainy weather that won’t snap on you easily then Ipanema is the one for you.  They have wedges and sandals too and here’s some of my favorites:



To view more of the Ipanema collections click here.

5. Havaianas

Introduction is no longer necessary, you know Havainas like the back of your foot haha!


You can click here to see more of the Havaianas designs and where you can buy them.

So, which of the brands and the designs do you fancy most?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I’m dreamin’ of Melissa shoes. wanna reward myself with a pair once I get my earnings from my”rakets” hehehe

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