Earthlingorgeous 4.2 — the Revamp

As I woke up this morning I decided to make some changes in the blog. I want it to be more intimate again and personal, less of commercial, ergo a revamp. It doesn’t mean no advertorials anymore, of course there will be. As mom like ms has to work and hustle double to pay the bills and support the kid, coz the sperm donor is all just that a sperm donor.

Why the Revamp?

I want to go back to my roots and share my thoughts and discovery from my heart , the way I used to do, before I got eaten by FOMO .  I want to write to express and not to impress.

I started my blog to be my platform of expressing myself. After having to give up a full time job to be a full time mother to my daughter who has autism, I need a happy place I can be just me, a person, a woman. It’s not because I don’t like being a mom but it’s hard to give something you don’t have.  How can I bring happiness and raise a good kid if I myself ain’t happy and don’t feel good about myself.

Proud to say,, my daughter is 18 years old now, she just had her 18th birthday a few days ago.  She may not be like the average teenage girl but she is the sweetest girl a mom like me to have. I pray to God that a shield of protection and love will surround her always.  I won’t talk about my fears anymore , I will trust the kindness of the universe to support her if I am gone before her. Oh dear God that’s painful to write.

Earthlingorgeous daughter Tasha and boyfriend Marcus

Anyway, this blog will all be about me as a single mother who enjoys an exuberant life with my daughter and my boyfriend . Yes, I have a boyfriend and he is the best boyfriend ever.  I’m sure you’ve seen him in all of my recent posts.

As you may have seen my header tag line, Earthlingorgeous, A Single Mom’s Blog to Inspire to Live an Exuberant Life as a Woman.  Before being a mom I was a woman first, with wants, needs and dreams to fulfill . The only exception with being a single mom of a child with autism is that I will always have a plus one , we are a package.   I may not show my daughter a lot on my posts , I am just protecting her as her mom because she can’t give me her consent even if I know she would just do whatever I ask of her (that’s how adorable and loving my daughter is that’s why I will protect her with my life.

So, there, I have updated!  Hopefully, you will want to read me still.

The old post will still be here you may still find and read them just type in the search bar the keyword and hit send.

Stay gorgeous everyone!




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