How to get valid ID Philippines

I was just talking to a friend who is a direct victim of the Taal Volcano eruption.  She lives within the area of the danger zone, in fact she lived near the crater, the one overlooking the ones majestic view of Taal Lake and crater.

As we talked about her living situation at the moment,  I felt her absolute frustration about needing to go back to her home inspite of the imminent danger .  She needed to go back to get important documents she left , documents to prove she is who she said she is like passport and immigration papers .

I can understand her frustration.  It’s so hard to be needing to prove you are you in times like this.  If you want to get a calamity loan or just to secure your property you left or move out, you need government and authorities permit to do so.   The government on the other hand can’t just hand out these permits as there are opportunist out there who will use the situation to benefit from it even if they’re not affected. Scam in short.

Anyway,  having to prove you are you and getting proof that you are you can be very frustrating .  I’ve been in this situation many times.

I was and am a victim of identity theft.  My birth certificate was randomly drawn by illegal recruiters way back when they are prevalent.  They used my birth certificate to get a passport for one of their recruits so she can travel and work as a Japayuki in Japan. (Mentioning Japayuki was not to demean anyone it’s just a way for you to get a picture of how long ago that was when my identity was stolen).

When I finally decide to get a passport , when I was legal age and have my own job, the Department of Foreign Affairs found a hit on me!   My name appeared and someone is already using my name and was issued a passport !  What the actual F.

Luckily, I was working as a journalist back then so I had connections who helped me out.   But I needed to bring more documents to prove that I am me.  After submitting just a few like my birth certificate, school records, past school IDs, employment certificate, company ID and letter of recommendations from my bosses and some government officials I know, I got my passport.  Phew.

Philippine passports then had a 5 year expiration date, after that you have to renew.  So, 6 months before my passport expires, I went to apply for a renewal.  Then the hit appeared again.  I was asked to submit same documents I submitted in the past.   So I did. I got a passport renewal.

My third time to renew I still needed to submit same documents as above , but this time I was told it would be a normal process now all I need is my old passport and we are done.

I though that was true until I had to renew last year 2019.  My hit still appeared . I had to go to the directors office again . It wasn’t hard I thought, I’ve done it before.

Unfortunately I was assigned to a power tripping DFA officer who wanted more documents.

She asked the following documents to prove I am me:

  1. My past expired passports✔️
  2. Birth certificate ✔️
  3. previous NBI clearance ✔️
  4. Voter registration ✔️
  5. Company ID ✔️
  6. Affidavit of loss ✔️

I was able to secure all of these things, my problem with her was she had to make me come back three times to tell me which I needed . Then it took her over a month before she called me (after me pulling strings calling up the Foreign Affairs Secretary and the Office of the President , yes I went to all that extent !)  that I can come back and process my passport. The one where they actually take my biometrics and photo.

Anyway, a valid ID ,only in the Philippines when you need to have more than one valid ID to get processed for any legal thing you need.

A valid ID can be:

  1. A passport -. To get it , if first timer you need your birth certificate. If you got a hit , read above what I had to bring to get it. Processing is less than Php1,000 and you need to have a schedule online walk-in is not allowed even for renewals. Get a passport appointment here
  2. NBI clearance –  A valid ID and set an appointment online . Processing is nothing over Php200
  3. Police clearance Just go to the nearest police station near you. Must bring baranggay clearance. Processing is nothing over Php100
  4. Voters ID or registration that you can get in Comelec in  Intramusros. You need a valid ID and birth certificate to get this. Processing is nothing over Php100
  5. SSS ID.  You can go to the nearest Social Security System branch near you apply for membership if not yet one.  Private Companies are required to have their employees become a member. You can also be a voluntary member just bring birth certificate and a valid ID
  6. Drivers License.
  7. Baranggay Clearance or certificate
  8. Postal ID

You also need your birth certificate in case that you can order online through PSAonline.

Yes I know it sounds stupid , but only in the Philippines that you need a valid ID to get a valid ID which is frustrating .

How to get valid ID Philippines

My wallet was stolen before with all my SSS,TIN and company ID in it. So I lost all valid ID I have except for my passport.

For a valid ID you can use one for the other , the easiest to get is the voters registration, postal ID  and baranggay clearance, NBI clearance and police clearance, all you need is your PSA copy birth certificate.

For PWDs who don’t read and write, just get them a passport.  It’s way easier to get everything else they need with a passport.  If you need more info about how leave a comment below

Good luck !

Stay gorgeous everyone!