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Do You Want Be a Coffee Shop Owner? You Should Try This Game !

Have you ever dreamed of being a coffee shop owner?

Since the pandemic, a lot of people, including me missed my short or long trips to my favorite coffee shop.   I love people watching and also I love the many ways they make coffee hot or cold.  But I always want my coffee hot.   It’s also one of those meeting places for business, pleasure and just to pretend you are busy on your laptop but you are just passing time watching people.

Because people missed the look and feel of a coffee shop, buying their own coffee machine and making their own coffee became a trend .  On the first few months of the pandemic, dalgona coffee was the thing.  I dunno how people were able to drink that thing, or maybe they didn’t they just like the look of it on Instagram.

And then this year, everyone bought a coffee machine, espresso machine, drip type etc.  When I said everyone, that included me.

I even put up my own coffee shop/ Earth Cafe at home, I started small, and then it became this big.  I now have 3 different coffee machines which I use alternately depending on my mood.

I also love posting my coffee and baked concoctions which make me think maybe I should put up my own coffee shop. During the pandemic, cooking and eating are some of the only past time I’ve been doing. Thank goodness I haven’t gone as big as I thought I would be except my daughter did (oops bad mama).  Anyway. I also came up with my own cafe at home whip up my own coffee drink for the day or my own baked goods.

When I am not cooking, baking, or watching TV, I play online games to take my mind off things I worry about.  Too many of them to tell.  But online games take me away from this world and just let me dive into a make-believe world.  A world where I can get instant rewards and instant results. It also helps me do better than the recent game or make a better strategy than the last one, trying to one-up myself all the time.  I think that’s the most rewarding part of playing online games.

Anyway, one of my recently discovered online gaming site was the .   It has loads of games for kids or kids at heart .

There are games that teach you how to make the perfect egg.  Yes, a good chef should know how to make a perfect egg, fried, boiled, or poached.

Egg Making

There’s another one teaching you how to bake a chocolate cake.

Chocolate Cake

How to run a coffee shop

There’s also a game that teaches you how to run a coffee shop.  Well, it starts as a coffee stand which is a good trial if you can go big or go home.  I super love this game.  It is like a simulation game for starting your own coffee shop.

Coffee Shop It starts with a $30 starting money that you will use for buying your materials for making your coffee, sugar, milk, cups, coffee.  It also gives you info on the weather that day so you will know how much coffee to make so it gets sold out.  It also gives you the power to change the price of your coffee depending on the weather, and the customer’s feedback.  It also teaches you how to make the perfect mix for your coffee that people will come back to.

coffee shop

It really is a great game and it runs in a 14-day coffee stand period where you either break even on the 14th day, get bankrupted because of bad decisions, or make money.  The biggest income I got for playing this game was $174 ++  , I was trying to reach the same income on my other few tries but no luck.  The game is so engaging for me because it challenges my decision-making and entrepreneurial skills to the test.  You should try it, especially if you want to see how you’d do if you own a coffee shop.

Aside from this game, there are other food games in this culinary school’s org kids game page.   One silly game I have tried is the Super Hero Food Fight.  There’s also Sponge Bob Krabby Patty Crisi games , Scooby Doo and even running your own supermarket.

Super Hero Food Fight

If you are looking for some new games to try, or just something to take your mind off off things, go ahead and visit this site.  There’s tons of food games in there, or simple ones like the match-three games or fruit ninja type thing.    It all depends what you are in the mood for but most importantly its all about food.