Finally, Reunited , A Beach Trip during the Pandemic after 2 Years

After two harrowing years of not being able to hold each other because of Covid-19 .  Jowa and I finally reunited. In case you didn’t know, jowa had to be in South Korea for work and left just right after the first lockdown in 2020 was sorta lifted.

As soon as visiting the Philippines was allowed for foreigners, jowa immediately booked a flight to see me no long planning or anything done but just do it.

Two years definitely was a long break, I can’t imagine how a lot of our kababayans can leave their loved ones for so many years without seeing them, it is such an emotional roller-coaster.  But the best part is always the reunion.

I  actually was not expecting his visit to be that soon (April 2022)  but I’ll take it because I miss him so badly it’s already distressing to a point that we are both getting very much depressed. Traveling is still not as easy as post-pandemic but now that the world is also desperate for travelers we can take what we can.

Foreigner Travel Requirement to the Philippines

Back in April 2022, foreigners wanting to visit the Philippines as tourists would need to secure the following:

  1. Covid-19 insurance worth $75,000.
  2. RT-PCR test 48 hours before coming.
  3. Vaccination card or W.H.O. immunization card.
  4. And filled up One Health Pass form detailing your trip itinerary and your immunization details .

However as of this writing (June 1, 2022)  visiting the Philippines is made easier, instead of an RT-PCR Test, the Antigen test taken 24 hrs before the flight is acceptable.

However, requirements to your country of origin may vary so make sure to check the details.  Some countries will still require you to stay in a quarantine facility upon arrival and an RT-PCR test.

Finally Beach!

It’s been 2 years but feels like forever, not having to leave home for me is just draining my life away.   I requested for jowa and I to go to the beach, even just one nearby Metro Manila.

I stumbled upon Youhan Beach Resort when I was researching for the nearby beach in Metro Manila. it only takes 3 and a half-hour drive via that newly NLEX highway.

Reunited beach trip

Youhan Beach

We got a small room with just a bed no tables and chairs but a balcony and a hot shower.  It’s decent but tiny, not what I was expecting but the bed is big queen size, a small tv with Netflix so it will do.  All we want is to be together and have easy access to sun, sand and sea, that’s all that matters.

Food is not badly priced, serving is good for a company of 4 but for a couple, it may be too much.

The beach area is really nice and clean, a lot of boats are docked but not dirty or ugly, they look really well taken cared of.

When we got there the beach was wavy, a great place to surf, but sadly no surfboards were available.  The water is nice and clean no unpleasant odor or anything.

At night on a weekend, there’s BBQ by the beach and fire dancing for entertainment.  People can light a bonfire and camp by the sand.

Youhan is nearby Anawangin Cove and Capones Island, you can actually take a boat ride from there.

Room Rates starts at Php2,500 to Php7,000 depending on size and location.

Food starts at Php200

Amenities: a small pool, BBQ , dinner, and drinks at night by the beach. Rent a boat ride.



Reunited and it feels so good

This beach trip went very well, the beach was nice , we had a relaxing time together we were so happy to just be able to finally hold each other and Gade at each other for real at a close proximity without a screen in between.

Jowa actually just visited again for his second time and he said there immigration hardly look at his insurance and vaccine card.. Although he still filled up the One Health Pass site where all details about his immunization and trip was there.

Going back to his original country which is South Korea was a bit more taxing. He had to redo his antigen test because the lab we went to messed up the dates. Fortunately, there is an antigen testing available at the airport for Php600 and you just have to wait 30 minutes for the result and the paper.

When he arrived in Korea , they also have to do his RT-PCR testing.

It’s so hard to travel these days but all the hassle is worth it I hope for a time to be reunited with your loved ones.

Thank you jowa for all the efforts , I love you in every universe. Can’t wait for the time you don’t have to leave me anymore.