Waste of time?

Is it really a waste of time to figure out what’s inside men’s head? Don’t laugh I am serious!

I was doing a personal quest and well out of 50 I asked only 3 were able to give an answer very clear. The others they gave me funny, witty answers but all of them I think is to keep the secret secret. Or maybe because I am asking something they didn’t give a thought about.

Whichever, figuring out men’s head will make crazy women like me crazier, maybe some things are better left as it is? But well I still want to know what is normal and what is not.

So to all my male friends, that is just a taste of my questioning, I have more to come I hope you have the patience for a girl like me wanting to know boys or men behaving like boys like you (sometimes) so I won’t be too hard to myself or to my man. Hahahahahahahaha! A little enlightenment doesn’t hurt or will it?

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