Bye Bye Black Purse

Those were the happy days with my purse.
Waaaaaaaah my precious cute little black purse was stolen on the supermarket yesterday. Damn thief.

My sister would always give hints that she wanted this bag. You can’t find anything like this anywhere. Now I can’t even find it anywhere waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I wasn’t as broken though with the loss of this bag. Stoopid thief. I thank God that I had my cellphone and all my cash in my pockets. I love pockets. One of the reasons I love jeans.

What was stolen together with the purse was my kikay stuff (eyeliner, face powder, lipgloss and comb), my ID, and ATM card, umbrella and P100 cash.

I reported it immediately, the guards were very helpful and accommodating. Told me to go back the next day to see if they were able to recover the bag because usually they are able to recover “lost” items. I left them my number. They will also accommodate me to the police station to file my complaint/report of the incident because I need that to replace the lost ATM card.

There were others before me reporting the same incident some even reported cash and cellphones in their purses. Oh well, I just wish I get the report and ATM replaced and everything blocked before whatever amount in the ATM can be withdrawn by the thief in case.

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  1. hey that looks like my kitten moojie!!! he he he he… miss yah! sorry have been so much crap lately. hope to catch you again sometime…

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