Exploring Trust

Contrary to the popular adage, trust is not earned but cultivated. Once it’s broken, it’s like Humpty Dumpty, you can never put it back together again.

Someone who was betrayed will become very fragile like a landmine. One small step to a sensitive part and it will explode. It’s becomes a wound that never heals.

Trust is always there, we give it to everyone even strangers that eventually become acquaintance then friends. You are never suspicious of their motives you just trust them, maybe not completely but still there is no reason to doubt them anyway. Like trusting a cab driver with your life, or your daughters teacher/caregiver/ doctor. Trust is always there in the beginning. You only lose the trust when they give you the reason not to anymore.

Is making up for lost trust really effective? I don’t know tell me, what do you think?

Has someone betrayed you before? If yes, were you able to forgive them completely, by completely I mean you don’t worry that they will no longer betray you this time around?

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