What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

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What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

When you are bored and you’ve got nothing to do why don’t play around with some blog personality quiz. Here are two of what I did determining what kind of blogger I am and my blog personality, kinda cool I think and fits me well. Feel free to grab if you like.

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.

You’re up on the latest news, and you have an interesting spin on things.

Of all the blogging types, you put the most thought and effort into your blog.

Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression – and work hard to make it great.

One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog…

And the next, you’re passionately writing about your pet causes.

Your blog is very important – and you’re careful about who you share it with.

All successful business people know that their success comes from their passion about the business they do. If you love what you do and you are passionate about it then success will come to you since you don’t let obstacles get in your way and you will push hard and harder to get where you wanted.
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I am a storyteller. Enabler. Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights and the environment. A single parent of a person with autism. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@) gmail.com

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  1. I only blog when I’m inspired to do so. Sayang yung mga SEO101 and Internet Marketing background ko. =))

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