Shopping: Malls vs Bazaars

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Shopping: Malls vs Bazaars

A bazaar is used to refer to several different types of marketplaces, depending upon their location. The word originated in the Middle East referring to a central open market which a large number of goods can be found for sale. While in the West the term is used in reference of a flea market or a store which sells miscellaneous objects, frequently to raise funds for a charity. Usually it is a place where exotic and unique items are sold usually where Middle Eastern or Asian themed items are found. But generally bazaars carries a wide assortment of goods.

Malls or shopping malls are commonly used to refer to the entire shopping complex reference to the pedestrian area of the mall that connects shopping areas.plaza: mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers. It usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area and a modern version of the traditional marketplace.

Every Holiday Season bazaars sprouts like mushroom everywhere. When shopping it is always important to think of convenience (your convenience as a shopper) money wise included.

Bazaars Pros and Cons:

  • They are only seasonal and are open for a couple of days only.
  • When you purchase a defective item or easily broken item, unless you got an official receipt and contact number of the manufacturer you purchased your item, you can’t go back and exchange the item for a working one or you can’t have it fixed (especially if it’s one of the rare items sold).
  • Most items are sold at a very low price.
  • You can haggle.
  • You can get huge discounts when buying in bulk.
  • Since prices of items are sold at a bargain, there is a change that you will over spend.
  • If you want to give unique items as gift this is the place to shop for it.
  • After shopping you have to hit home immediately as usually there are no baggage area and no other recreational activities you can do in here.

Malls Pros and Cons:

  • You can’t haggle since price are fixed.
  • Buying in bulk doesn’t give you discounts.
  • Receipts are issued.
  • The malls are more permanent than bazaar which means you can always go back to exchange or return a defective item bought.
  • You can watch your spending since you are aware that there is no haggling. You can only overspend when there is a sale at a certain stall.
  • If you want to buy items that has warranty and branded, popular items, this is the perfect place to be.
  • Since malls are complex of stores and outlet that has restaurants, movie houses, arcades and the like you can relax and have fun after your shopping and leave your shopping bags to the baggage area.
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