Best Christmas Card Ever!

This is the first Christmas card my daughter ever made. She did not do this alone but with the help of her teacher (cutting and coloring was done hand over hand) but despite I was so touched by it I almost cried! This is the best card I ever got in my entire life! It reads:

To Mama,

Merry Christmas!




  1. @ Sweetytots yes I am so proud of her!

    @ Dragonstar yeah I will frame this one!

    @ Nurseabie haaaaay yeah I am so happy!

    @ Amor hahaha well pag may school projects and activities na yung anak mo malamang sa hindi you will get one too 🙂

    @ Sherry yeah precious!

  2. earth,

    this is truly wonderful… i know you are very proud.. congratulations!!!!

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