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This is the best Christmas card ever I got it from my daughter Tasha, although hand-over-hand was practiced to create this piece still she help made it which made it so special.  I’m still looking forward for more “love letters” from her.
These are love letters from my hunny.  Yeah I know these are rare ones.  Men don’t write letters much so getting one from them is kinda precious these text, email, chat era!

Feel the love and read more love letters for mommies here:

mommy moments
This is absolutely one of my favorite love letter this week at mommy moments, a dads letter to his daughter shared by one of the mommies. It made me cry buckets of tears, just a warning if you are going to read.

Happy V-day everyone!


  1. LOVE that card! So precious! 🙂

  2. it’s so cute when kids make their own cards with love notes to it. it just touches your heart.
    thanks for stopping by at my love moments!

  3. I always have this thing with personally handwritten letters. It’s not important if it’s on plain coupon bond, or even yellow ruled paper. But of course it helps a lot if it comes in a cool stationery. Nothing beats this – at least for me – to this day.

    I have tagged you in my blog by the way. 🙂

  4. your welcome 🙂

  5. sweet! thanks for joining mommy moments again 😀

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