My Signature Scent

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My Signature Scent

I am very particular on my perfumes as I have a very sensitive sense of smell. I don’t like strong overpowering musky or flowery scents that would make me dizzy or sneezy.

There are two particular perfume that I am fond to wear and both passed the standards my nose has set for me. One is Liz Sport perfume by Liz Clairborne and second is Kenzo Amour from the house of Kenzo. Both can last upto 12 hours, so just a few spray on the right spots can make the bottle last for more than a year.

Liz sport is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance, but really I don’t think it’s that flowery. It is made of blends of green florals, ivy, mandarin, wood, moss, cedar and white musk, kinda like you are in a forest or something. I do recommend it for daytime. I remember when I was wearing this one and I went to have my manicure and pedicure treat at my favorite nail salon. Suddenly my manicurist asked, what perfume do you use? It was funny because I worn it more than 6 hours ago and she said she can still smell the fresh fragrance.

If I’m going out at night I sport Kenzo Amour. It’s more girly and classy perfect for nightime use. If you want to appear very feminine and sweet I suggest you use this one. The fragrance starts with a sweet, highly stylised floral accord, that fades rapidly into the backdrop, and the whole thing settles into a fluffy, cloud-like concoction of vanilla and musky woods. It smells like vanilla and flowers and it finishes off to a dust kinda feel on the skin.

So if you want to try out these smell I think you can find them here at this new perfume blog there are other great fragrances in there that you should also try but I am already sold to these two. They are my signature scents now.

How about you? What is your signature scent? What’s your favorite perfume/cologne? Care to share?

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7 thoughts on “My Signature Scent

  1. @anjsh That’s right may nabasa ako online on how to choose perfume, it should blend sa natural oils of the body

  2. Agree with Buraot. You can’t just wear perfume just because you like the scent. It should blend in with your pawis. =))

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