It Sucks To Be Right Sometimes

It was more than three weeks ago when I heard my hunny’s nasty cough. I was worried, he was not.

It was more than three weeks ago when he complained of shortness of breathe and fatigue. I was worried, he was not.

It was more than three weeks ago when he complained of back-aches, it was an on and off symptom he felt and he dismisses it all the time saying it will go away. I was worried, he was not.

To him I may sound like a worry freak with my motherly instinct in full blast. But it is better to be cautious than sorry. When it comes to your health you can never be too overcautious.

I told him to go see a doctor after a couple of times he complained about his back-ache and the middle-of-the-night chills. Personal experience told me that having chills are a bad sign, especially when you were just fine the whole day and the weather is not freezing.

I was right and this is one of the rare incidents I wish I wasn’t.

The day he decided to go see a doctor, he was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia and his right lung was the one badly hit. He was discharged same day and as strong optimistic person as he usually is my hunny told me he will be alright. Everything is ok, it will all go away. But I was scared.

Same day, he complained that he could not keep the medicine the doctors gave him. Everytime he tries to take the medicine he vomits it out. Which is not a good sign. I was worried again. Although he was already in great pain, he was trying to be positive about it and said maybe because he did not eat anything that day. I coax him to try soups before taking the meds, he did try, he was able to take half the pill, but still he was in great pain.

After he told me about the result of his doctors visit, I showed him the researched materials I found about pneumonia. That in case the patient could not take the medicine he was prescribed he should immidiately go back to his doctor so they can administer the antibiotics through vaccine.

He was being stubborn and told me not to worry. He said he will try to take the medicine again. The pain will go away and he will be better in no time. The medicine just need to set in. He said.

He endured two days in pain and very tired because of staggered sleep to no sleep at all. He couldn’t sleep because of the chronic back pain and chest pain and right arm pains. I could see how badly he was hurt. I wish I could do something, but I can’t I am here he is there. It sucks!

The next day he decided to go back to the doctor. That is when I was told he was admitted to the hospital Monday morning because they need to give him the antibiotics via IV. Just yesterday when I was told he was transferred to a bigger hospital because they need to suck the fluids in his lungs.

I am so scared. I have not heard anything from him since he was confined. I don’t know what’s happening to him. This distance sucks. I don’t know where to call him. Oh God make him better. Please pray for him. I love him and I need him.

If you can read this (very likely though) I MISS YOU! I LOVE YOU! Get well soon.

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  2. earthlingorgeous

    @ Joey, yeah you are right men tend to deny their state of health and that sucks. Yeah I was glad he went to the hospital, I just hope for his speedy recovery. God I hope he is fine.

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