My 4 Before 40!

While doing a general clean-up in my mom’s pseudo-bedroom-turned-warehouse, I discovered memoirs that are more than a decade old.

One of these blasts from the past was my diary in high school where life was as simple as going to school everyday to see my friends, classmates and crushes, and nothing more. It was a fun thing to read even up to an entry where I wrote things I want to do in my life.

A photo of my diary in high school showing part of my list! Yeah I know I want my own PR Firm!
There was a lot from the list that I can cross out now like travel to Singapore and Malaysia alone, be a model/endorser, mountain and rock climb, collect tapes and cds etc.  However, there are a few things in my “master list” that is just a list and I want to accomplish them before I reach the big 4-0, the age that is not so young yet not so old, but an age where I should be doing something worthwhile… not only on a personal level but will have an impact on the lives of other people as well.

My big 4-0 is not to so far away from now. So, to make it easier for me, instead of 40 or top 10, I am making a public announcement of my four things to accomplish before I turn 40 years old. (I will be needing a little cheering and words of encouragement from everyone so I can to do all of it!)

 My 4 Before 40:

#1 I Bungee jump!  I like to feel that adrenaline rush of falling without actually dying! I don’t worry about frail bones or muscles, my body can handle it because I take my daily dose of vitamins and calcium with CalChews!  Calchews by the way is the first calcium supplement in the local market that comes in a soft chew form – fortified with Vitamins D and K for optimum bone health minus the risk of heart disease.  It also comes in two flavors Chocolate and Caramel! Yum! With this supplement I’m taking I’d worry about breaking cables but not bones!


One Foot Stand at the Sky Walk Extreme Platform
I’ve conquered the Sky Adventure in Cebu so I know I am not afraid of heights!

I also tried bunjee fun, where I bounced as high as I could using a bungee cord and a trampoline

#2 Color my hair platinum or ash blonde.  I want to do this just for once in my lifetime while I still look 20ish! It’s one of my “do you dare challenges” that I am still psyching myself to do.

#3 Travel to Europe.  Do I need to explain why? I am asuming it’s everyone’s dream!

#4 Take up dancing class.  Pole dancing, hip- hop, strip tease, belly dancing or flamenco dancing! I really don’t mind which, I just want to dance to my health. It’s the only form of exercise I know I will enjoy doing rather than lifting weights or sweating on the gym treadmill.

or #4 Publish a book. It’s something I want to launch at my 40th birthday just in time for my blogs 10th anniversary! The book would be simple, fun, and easy-read book for and about women focused on inspiring everyone to be the best and make the best of who, what and where they are right now.


I want to write something like this: Conversations With A Narcissist a blog post I did in 2008 interviewing myself through a fictional interviewer! A must read! (Click here)

It feels great to have made this list.  It will be more awesome to acomplish them in time for my 40th birthday!  Mind you, I didn’t list down something impossible, everything in here is doable. I just need to remain inspired, encouraged, healthy and fit for all the mental and physical challenges I will put myself into.

How about you, do you have something on your bucket list that is waiting to be crossed out? What is your 4 before 40?  I would love to read yours too, care to share?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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