This year has been a lot of transformations for me and this blog has been a witness to the many changes and experimentation’s I did to update my look. My skin got lighter, I had an eyelash extension, had that annoying mark on the left side of my cheek removed.Continue Reading

Arg! It’s Christmas time again and all these kid carolers are making noise everywhere. Yes! It’s pure noise, they are banging their makeshift drums made of milk cans and plastics like crazy, shaking their improvised maracas like they want to intentionally break your eardrums and they sing without heart notContinue Reading

We haven’t got the clothes yet, that’s not a bad thing.  The PR handling the campaign has bigger plans in stored for us.  Instead of handing over the clothes to us in an awarding ceremony, they wanted an elaborate documentation of the fitting of the clothes , photographing us withContinue Reading

UPDATE!  Avatar wins 67th Golden Globe Awards for Best Picture and Best Director .  Earned $1.6 Billion Worldwide closing on Titanics $1.6 Billion!  Great Job James Cameron you did it again! Avatar is simply WOW! If you are looking for the best movie of the year, well here it is.Continue Reading

As more people are becoming eco-conscious, eco-friendly products are becoming part of the list of the ‘best items to give on Christmas’. Eco-friendly food, clothes, bags, appliances and other products are now available. Soda Club , which  makes home carbonation systems, recently introduced in the Philippines,  SodaStream, a home sodaContinue Reading

What:         Gossip Girl: Kiss On The Lips Party When:        Friday, December 18, 2009 Time:         4:00pm – 9:00pm Where:      3/F Bramante Piazza Clubhouse Renaissance Center, Meralco Ave., Pasig City This event is organized by Marice of . ThisContinue Reading

Apologies to the delayed post. I know most of you are excited to see what I’ve come up as costume for my daughters Christmas Anime themed party but since my internet was so nice to me (sarcasm) the past few weeks I wasn’t able to upload any photos until today.Continue Reading

Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) reintroduced the Yellow Pages to the public last December 11, 2009 at the Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia with an entertaining magic show that culminated with an impromptu marriage proposal and wedding ceremony. With the help of new multi-platform search channels of DPC Yellow Pages,Continue Reading