How To Keep Up With Your Wonder Woman Duty

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and mostly they are home related.  My mom has been sick for almost a month now and she can barely stand or sit-up .  It is stressful because for one we don’t have a household helper and two I still need to cater to the needs of my child with autism.  With all the household chores I need to do by myself. it is nearly impossible not to get tired and worn out.   I now  barely have the time to do what I want for myself and everything else revolves on the needs of everyone else around me.    It is really stressful.   But I have to thank all the vitamins and supplements I take everyday that helps me become he the multi-tasking wonder woman I am right now.

Did you know that research found that only 1 in 10 of our cells of us is human and the rest of us are bacteria of a thousand different tpes.  These bacteria either compete or complement each other completing our physiology, if one overpowers the other too much that is where our  hormonal imbalance happens, we get sick and break out.  Women’s vitamins and supplements that are probiotic are important into keeping one’s balance and health in a good shape

It is suggested that to be a wholistically healtthy person, one should be taking one to two caps of quality probiotic each day.  I personally take 6 capsules a day to keep me moving. While a chornically ill person might need at least 20 or I or more capsules a day.

O Vitamin Pro is a complete resource in all our women’s health and wellness needs.  They can help you out in evaluating your recent blood test and recommend the best fish oil or diet for you.  They are not just a vitamin store but an awesome online venue of current information that pertains to living a healthy life.  If you needed the best Pharmaceutical grade professional supplements or women’s vitamins they also have it and they do free shipping on any size products.


Check them out and see if there’s something that interest you or something you need. Who knows you can find the healthy enzyme supplement you needed for a long time.

How about you, how many vitamins and supplements do you take everyday?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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